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Comment Re:Every step is encrypted (Score 1) 216

Once that hole is plugged, there won't be a single point where an email isn't encrypted.

In transit perhaps, but not at rest. When your email sits in the inbox (or any folder) on your email provider's server, it is either not encrypted or your provider has the ability to decrypt it. Otherwise your email provider would not be able to display it / transfer it to you. This means that your provider can read your email, they can show it to the government, and if someone hacks your provider, the attackers and read your email as well. Unless you are running your own email server, transport protection doesn't really protect you. (It is of course better than not having transport protection, but it is not enough.)

Comment Re:And just try symmetric encrypting with GPG... (Score 1) 216

If a CS student can't figure out GPG (or any encryption encryption system designed for public consumption), they probably shouldn't graduate.

It is true that encryption (or at least key management) is hard. In order to get it right, you need to understand how it works. Understanding how things work is a cornerstone of computer science and a required skill set.

Now for people who are not into computer science it would be nice if encryption were easier to use. The challenge is that if you don't manage your keys well, you are not really managing the security of your communication. The trick is finding the balance between "secure enough" and "easy enough to use".

Comment Re:Illegal Laws (Score 2) 267

Laws barring property rental are per se illegal, as the constitution does not give the government, at any level, the explicit right to dictate what one does (or does not do) with their own property. This goes for zoning as well.

Sure it does. It delegates or defers (depending on your view) to the states the authority to make laws that are not spelled out specifically in the constitution. States have done so, generally at the behest of their citizens. Granted money talks and not all citizens get an equal say, but the states do have the rights to make laws wherever not explicitly prohibited by the constitution (and federal law, which ultimately rolls up to the constitution.)

Zoning and property use laws are generally a good thing. I don't want a heavy industrial manufacturing process in the middle of my residential neighborhood. Because of this my neighbors and I (over history) have expressed this desire to government and zoning has occurred that prevents this.

Comment Re:DVD (Score 4, Insightful) 157

DVD? What the fuck is that?

It is a physical audio-visual media storage format that you can purchase in a store or online. Once you purchase a movie or other content on a DVD, you can watch it as many times as you want without any expiration or revealing to anyone how many times you have watched the content. This is in contrast to an online streaming model where the provider of the content can at any time decide that you can no longer watch the content and with which the content provider knows what you watch, when you watch it, and can sell or use that information without restriction.

While it can be argued that it is possible to copy the contents of a DVD or an online stream for unrestricted and offline use, doing so is likely against the law. Physical media purchases are a way to legally watch the content you want in an unrestricted way.

Comment Re:agreed (Score 5, Insightful) 196

And as a person filling out surveys who knows (just a little) about math and statistics, I think of ratings on a bell curve. On a 1-10 scale almost nothing is actually a 1 or a 10. On that scale I would rate a 5 as average service and give a 7 or 8 to what I think is well above average service, 9 would be excellent service. You would only get a 10 if there was no possible way to do any better under any circumstances and you completely exceeded all of my expectations. Unfortunately people get dinged if they don't get all 10s. Sucks to be you if I have to fill out your survey.

Comment Re: Remember kids! (Score 4, Interesting) 406

Nope. It's actually rigged. Watch the slots.

Modern slot machines don't use the mechanics of the spinning wheels to decide if you win or lose. When you pull the lever (or push the button) the computer generates a random number and decides immediately if you are going to win or lose. The spinning wheels are just a display or a user interface to indicate the result to you. Where the wheels are going to stop is decided by the computer before they even start spinning. Yes, when the computer has decided that you are going to lose, it will spin the wheels and stop them so it looks like you were going win - it's part of the psychology of the game. Is it psychologically rigged, yes. Is it mathematically rigged, no.

Comment Re:Fuckin' Drive (Score 1) 313

Thank god I don't need to travel for business. Suckers.

The irony is that if you did travel for business you would travel enough to be treated well by the airlines and you wouldn't be a sucker. Traveling by air infrequently does suck, for many of the reasons you mention. If however you travel a lot, you will obtain status on one or more airlines. With status they treat you well. With status, you get nicer seats, don't have to pay to check luggage, can use TSA-Pre (the security fast lane), receive automatic re-booking for missed connections, significant priority for stand by travel, etc.

Funny -- if the airlines would charge me TWICE as much, and cut the bullshit charges along the way. Remove half the rows (or more now) and give me a nice big lav -- perhaps the entire tail section would be nice. You know, make it like it was in the 60's and 70's ... or better. I just might consider flying a whole hell of a lot more than I do now (which is never).

You mean buy a first class ticket?

Comment Re:Keep the receipts! (Score 1) 303

In addition to keeping the receipts, consider making the square footage of the office bigger. You might want to do this because if you take the home office deduction, which you may be able to do if you truly have a home office, many of the things you deduct are calculated on a percentage of the square footage of your dedicated office space as compared to the total square footage of your home. Of course you want to check with your tax person, but you should include the tax aspect as part of your overall design.

Comment Call them protesters (Score 5, Insightful) 147

Please call them protesters or demonstrators. Calling them water protectors is biased toward the protesters just as calling them dissidents or terrorists would be biased toward the pipeline supporters. The story itself is interesting and is news for nerds. I do want to hear about technology and possible indications (such as battery drain rate) that surveillance is occurring. I would prefer that the summary is not politically biased as I can make my own opinion as to if the pipeline is a good thing or a bad thing.

I know it is a pipe dream, but could we please get back to being a news (for nerds) site and not a political discourse site?

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