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Comment Re:Too easy! (Score 2) 406

I think of all the statements made, they all apply to the apple watch. there is an underlying tribal mentality, where some people love apple and some people hate it. With the iphone specifically, I think some people are entranced by android because it is perceived as "open" while iphone is a "walled garden". I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with any tribal viewpoints, just acknowledging that they are present.

WRT apple watch, just according to the sales numbers it is beating the pants off any other smart watch. and despite its limited funcitonality and tetherment to a phone, it actually accomplishes a whole lot.

tbh I am seeing more iWatches in the field. this says to me, if somebody is using it every day for more than a month, then the novelty factor is gone and they are getting real utility.

apple watch has nowhere to go but up. they're still on their first generation form factor and technology. there will likely be major improvements later this year, such as thinner and adding more features. Maybe even some day, untethering from the phone.

I had one myself, but I got rid of it. you know what made the difference? the fact that the screen is off until you raise it. there was always a split-second lag that made it impossible to just casually glance at the time. instead, it became a deliberate action where you had to pause everything and do it.

if apple can make the screen be on all the time, then I would greatly consider the iwatch again.

Comment dude (Score 5, Funny) 377

> In 2008 Slashdot ran a similar story, where it took several weeks of remote monitoring before a laptop thief revealed his identity. (The victim complained that "It was kind of frustrating because he was mostly using it to watch porn.")

I like thought of a dude watching another dude endlessly watch porn, and being like, why can't you say your name!!!

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