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Comment What are the best ways to stream line updates? (Score 0) 104

*super novice programmer here* Does anyone have any ideas on how WP, Drupal, etc.... can update or set a new standard of pushing our php changes? I feel like php often gets rewritten too much, when major releases come out, thus breaking existing or legacy code. Are we to continuously rewrite code to make it work with the current changes or is there a way we can push these changes without breaking old code?

Comment What!? (Score 1) 182

I don't want to go in the the forest and kill animals or 'demons' in order to play diablo, or to get boosts for diablo or WoW. I mean come on, forcing the users/players to index themselves more, just so they can serve ads or try and mislead people into thinking they've been given a greater value seems so bizarre to me.

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