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Comment One more reason to close the book on MS (Score 1) 136

Microsoft is just a joke and a meme anymore than an actual good choice for software. Windows 10 has been a complete failure, and Windows Phones are an even bigger failure. And now Microsoft has decided to double down to attempt to drag more people into their honey pot and walled gardens by running all of it's security through a cell phone carrier that your going to have to pay to keep using.

No thank you Microsoft. I hate your phones, and I hate your direction in the OS market. So I'm not going to buy your god awful phones any more than I'm going to ever upgrade beyond Windows 7 until it can not be avoided any longer. And even then I may just say screw it and go fully to Android for an OS and Steam for the gaming.

Comment Re:Absolute Green Propaganda (Score 2) 175

Well great! Someone should do that. And Hell, I'll be HAPPY to say that they've figured out how to make it work. But I'm not, because the technology just isn't there yet. Once again... just because you can build a photo-voltaic panel that's good doesn't mean you can build an entire nations power infrastructure around them automatically.

Hell, one the reasons why Solar and wind aren't really viable options isn't the panels or turbines themselves. It's because of the fact that just pushing current isn't good enough. That current has to be consistent so it doesn't start frying sensitive electronics all along the power grid.

Comment Re:Absolute Green Propaganda (Score 1) 175

So basically your BRILLIANT plan is to just eat the cost and buy expensive electricity. Because it MIGHT make it cheaper... eventually. Because power need will NEVER go up, solar panes and wind turbines will NEVER wear out way faster than they'll ever make their money back, and all the massive subsidies for solar and wind power will ALWAYS be there.

This is exactly the problem with you fanatics. You always talk about what it MIGHT be eventually, yet you can't be bothered to EDUCATE YOURSELF in how it works NOW, so you didn't know that it DOESN'T work. Not for a national energy policy. Not now, now with what the tech we have, and not ANY time soon.

Comment Absolute Green Propaganda (Score 1) 175

Honestly, this is just getting embarrassing for you green fanatics. You don't seen to understand at all how the grid works AT ALL.

The fact that you can just buy your power from a so called renewable resource power company doesn't mean that you're not still pulling power from the same coal fire power plants that are the BACK BONE of the US power infrastructure. They're not 'bottling up' that electrics and shipping it to the Google. You're just buying more expensive power so you can feel like you're doing something.

Comment Re:Yeah, well look at Apple's INSANE markup. (Score 1) 196

Well you say that, but from where I sit all of my Apple friends are actually getting very frustrated with Apple, especially given the new MacBook Pro and it's gimmick TouchBar. Hell... Apple straight up REMOVED features from the entry level MacBook, then added them back in an over priced 'Pro' model.

Comment Yeah, well look at Apple's INSANE markup. (Score 3, Informative) 196

Digital Trends work worked out a while back that Apple makes about $288 in profit for each iPhone sold. The average Android device... well it varies very widely. But According to 'Pocketnow' it works out to only about $25 of actual profit per device.

Honestly... Apple is really REALLY screwing it's customer base by selling them last years hardware in every new phone and just pocketing the profits. And for some reason people STILL flock to them.

Comment What... are you just figuring this out NOW? (Score 0) 72

Not to be too much of a snarky prick, but that statement really is kind of a giant 'well no duh'. By it's very nature DRM is designed to allow software makers to control and limit how their products are used in a way to suits only the software maker's themselves. For good, of for bad. And to assume that software companies will always look out for the rights of their customers is a laughable proposition, at best.

Comment Easy way around this issue... (Score 3, Informative) 243

Basically just don't use 'GeForce Experience'. Honestly unless you're just one of these weird-os that can't live without social medial integration of your games then you can avoid all of this by not installing Experience. And honestly, why would any one?

Of course then this will only probably work until they make it mandatory, as these companies always try to do.

Comment Yet no one's talking about Hillary's Corruption (Score 2, Insightful) 857

A this point there is so much evidence of corruption within the Clinton camp that we're virtually guaranteed a repeat of the 2000 presidential election. It doesn't mater how much the media try to incorrectly claim that looking at the Wiki Leaks emails is illegal, we all still read them. And there is multiple emails in there that show direct illegal activity by the DNC, all of Hillary's Superpac, Hillary's Campaign itself, as well as the US Justice Department who keeps refusing to push charges against her for her very illegal activity.

At the end of the day Donald Trump did one thing that was vitally needed, win or loose... and that the system really is rigged. And people won't forget that.

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