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Comment So much for that Trillion or so that Obama Spent. (Score 4, Insightful) 243

Funny thing too, because I remember how Obama's stimulus plan was supposed to go towards this sort of issues. Although where I lived the money my town got for it was all spent on replacing the fully functional street lamps with new ones that looked nicer and a bike land literally no one has ever used due to being in rural Mississippi.

Comment Re:But let's dig more coal to burn, right? (Score 1) 123

And also hydro only provides about 6% of US power and 7% comes from all renewable technology due to the limitations in the technology that keep it from being an option anytime soon. So basically you're stuck with either burning hydrocarbons or nuclear power. Pick wisely.

Comment Re:But let's dig more coal to burn, right? (Score 4, Informative) 123

Well just so you know the problem here isn't coal, it's the fact that neither China nor India use any air crubbing technology at all in their power plants. Unlike power plants in the US. Which is why even through most of US power is made by coal we don't have nation wide air quality issues.

But hey, go right a head and whine about the environment instead of actually doing something. I'm sure that'll make it all better.

Comment Tell us a story Grand Daddy 90s Buisness Model... (Score 1) 70

Honestly not to be too cynical here, but this entire article feels like this. Someone complaining about the tech industry boiled down to it's lowed common demonstrator instead of talking about exact circumstances where this is a problem.

To take an example I think a lot of us can agree that trying to fund the AAA title Deus Ex: Mankind Divide was just a terrible idea from Square Enix and in fact a perfect example of really bad crowd funding that fits this guy's narrative. But as a counter there's hundreds if not thousands of small publishers that put out smaller projects that definite greatly from crowd funding. To take another gaming example I'd point at HareBrained Schemes and their Shadowrun and upcoming Battletech title. Both of which were made possible by crowd funding mile stones like this.

Comment Who even uses EDGE anyway? (Score 2) 261

Honestly, is there anyone that does actually use the Edge browser? I don't, since I avoid 10 like the plague that it is. My CO, who did a review of it, just apsolutly hated it. It worked fine out of the proverbial box, but had next to no plug-in support. Like any ab blocks are enhance cookie management for privacy.

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