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Comment Re:Rediculous (Score 1) 209

Some people do, a lot of people don't. A former co-worker of mine murdered a guy at a bar because he thought he was putting some moves on his girlfriend. He was convicted of first degree murder, and got a sentence of 25 years. When he's released in 2021 he will have served just under 21 years for it, not accounting for any further reductions for good behavior. He didn't have a prior record at all, which often affects the sentence passed down.

Comment Re:Been there. Not fun. (Score 1) 813

In the end you options are, they will say little or nothing other than that you were laid off and not fired for cause, or they will say you were insubordinate; thus preventing you from getting another job.

It'll probably go more like this:

"I'm calling about a former employee named DarkOx. Can you tell me anything about him?"
"He was employed here from $START_DATE to $END_DATE"
"I see. What's his rehire status?"
"No rehire."
"Thanks for your time, have a nice day."

[tosses resume in the trash]

Companies have gotten savvy to what they can and can't say nowadays so it's unlikely they'll tell you anything specific, but they'll still get the point across.

Comment Re:the kiss of death (Score 1) 205

I'd argue that setting up and maintaining your own server to the same level of service as a Hotmail or Gmail would require more effort overall.

Of course it does. It can be a royal PITA keeping the spam filtering up to date, ensuring the backups have run properly, addressing potential security issues, and all of the other various and sundry system admin tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. I've been doing just that for more than a decade, and it's sometimes a lot of work. But generally something worth doing takes a bit of effort, and it provides a degree of comfort that if I ever have an issue with my provider, I can just pull up the tent stakes and have everything moved to another provider and running in less than an hour (not accounting for DNS propagation).

Comment Re:Leaving Yahoo! (Score 1) 194

I've had an email server running on a static, public IP for months now without getting blacklisted.

More than a decade here, and the only issue in all that time was one listing on the Spamhaus PDL (I still have no idea how it got listed) and was taken care of in five minutes. But, it runs on a machine in a real data center with clean IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6), a proper RDNS entry, secondary/tertiary DNS, SPF/DKIM entries, etc.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 20

because the $10 a month for "any music I can think of" is a better value than the "some movies" I get from Netflix

My experience has been that content disappearing on Spotify is just as bad as Netflix. I'm sure different genres suffer this more than others, though.

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 334

FICO Score 8 (scores range from 300-850) is not the only credit scoring system out there. VantageScore, for instance, goes to 990, and Fair-Issac itself provides a number of different scoring products for different uses (auto loans vs. credit cards, for instance). FICO Bankcard Score 8 ranges from 250-900, and it's a real FICO score.

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