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Comment Re:Money for nothin'... (Score 2) 101

Well Uber serves a few important tasks: they make sure that quality is okay. Obviously its not perfect, but really bad offenders can't hide, but will be baned quickly. Compare that to taxis, where in some cities you couldn't be sure whether you'd be robbed or raped when taking a ride. Uber solves this problem, at least mostly.

Yes, they are the evil middlemen, but they aren't much different from McDonalds or other franchise model companies. Even CocaCola does this:

So if many well established companies have been doing this for decades and centuries, then why not Uber?

Comment No both matter (Score 1) 78

Hardware may be a "solved problem" for x86 cpus, but anything beyond that is still unexplored territory. Elon musk is sad that so much talent is focussed on some cloud solution while that talent is terribly missed engineering. I agree with that. We need electric cars that can replace ICE ones, we need robots that can take care of the elderly, and this is only partially a software problem.

Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 3, Interesting) 181

The problem is that Trump is far less predictable than Clinton. He may promise to "dry up the swamps" and that may be a nice goal by itself, but he has proven that he's changing his positions more than any of the "all talk no action" politicans. For example, look at the primaries, where he switched his positions about abortion:

So yes, maybe Trump will change America, but you can't be sure at all into which direction he will change it. And even when he becomes president, the only people who will help him are probably the republicans, and they will only let through laws that follow the republican party line, which is far less progressive than the democratic one.

Clinton may be corrupt, yes, but her proposed policies are much better than anything trump has proposed outside of feelgood promises like "we will replace it with something much better that I can tell you".

Comment I use linux because (Score 4, Insightful) 268

* it has bash plus coreutils and all the other command line toolset
* its software is free as in beer (this is what made me try out linux)
* its software is free as in software (this is what made me stay on linux for so long)
* all the things I do with computers can be done with it, and when there is a case I can't do it on linux, I can always fire up the windows VM (happens very very rarely)
* it has working package management. updating software is no nightmare. Windows has to force its customers to update it, because its a nightmare.
* most support issues are talked about and you find something you can instantly do not where you have to download this little exe then execute it (and god knows what it may contain). Maybe this will get worse if/when linux adoption reaches the non technical people, its very hard to find such things for android for example.

many other things I have forgotten, but I will surely miss when I have to use windows or mac.

Comment Re:What does this even mean ? (Score 2) 366

Self driving cars don't need to be safer than the most safe human driver, they only need to be safer than the average human driver. And those are pretty disregarding of safety. So yes, maybe for a safe driver stepping into a self driving car will the risk will be increased, but for most people it will be lower.

This is declared intent to cause injury

If it crashes into the tree, it injures the driver. It will cause injury one way or another.

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