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Comment Re:Better option... (Score 4, Interesting) 1368

You know it is up to each state to decide how to apportion their Electoral College votes. Only two states use proportional voting. The other 48 have "winner take all".

That's what doesn't seem fair, not the Electoral College system itself.

That said, there is a procedure to change the system, but it involves getting 38 states to agree to start the process...

Comment Re:What the heck... (Score 1) 31

It is about 1/128 of a library of congress in volume, so to convert to time you have to divide by how long it takes to walk through the library and multiply by an imaginary number, like SQRT(-1)*I+J.

(I'll let you know what I and J are, later, but those fudge factors can almost always make the answer come out right)

Comment Let's just hope it isn't a "class action" lawsuit (Score 5, Insightful) 66

All the checks I have ever received from class action lawsuits, by not opting "out", resulted in checks for less than a dollar. (or a coupon or something of similar trivial worth...)

And, I rarely "opt in" to an invitation, since I rarely feel like I was wronged (like "did you buy such-and-such a stock in 2003?"). The most lucrative "opt-in" was for a car company who overcharged on lease return "damage", and I thought "yeah, they did charge a lot for that door ding". I got $400-ish.

The last check out-of-the-blue, was from AT&T Mobile, for something like "they charged too much tax"; I got a check the other day for $0.02. (Of course, I have long since switched to another carrier, for half the price, and everyone in my family has made use of the free international roaming feature),

2 Cents? Really? Thank you, lawyers. I am sure you made more than 2 cents. To be fair, I got twice as much as my father-in-law. He got $0.01. The paper industry, the USPS, and many others got more than 2 cents to create and deliver my check. (Don't worry, I recycle paper... even thought that might cost more than it's worth...)

BTW: I am NOT going to cash the check, it goes in the collection of other checks that are too retarded for words.

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