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Comment Re: Fucking Useless Shit (Score 1) 178

If you're using all 3 colors to simulate black you screwed up when buying the printer.

I guess that's a fair assessment for me since I had a printer that did that even if you told it to just use black but I should have known better. It was an HP printer. (Only way to get it to not use color ink to do black was to remove the color ink cartridge and leave the black one in.)

Comment IE Boelcke vs Boyd (Score 1) 343

IE the guy who was an actual fighter ace (Boelcke) that basically thought if you were dogfighting you failed vs the "fighter expert" (Boyd) who never actually shot down anybody who was big of cheap agile planes that were good at dog fighting.(Because in Vietnam they higher ups decided on rules that forced dogfighting.) Or you could look up dicta boelcke and see that the best way to shoot down another airplane is shoot him down before the poor stupid fucker has any idea he's in a fight. (IE don't dogfight, shoot him in the fucking back.) BTW when's the last time any US pilot has actually done a dogfight anyway? (My understanding is that it's been awhile. As in 30 or 40 years.)

Comment I lost the start button too (Score 1) 376

And edge just stopped working as did calculator and the store and the account management tool. The only fix is apparently create a new account. Admittedly I haven't tried the anniversary edition so hopefully it's finally out of alpha. Just to be blunt no other modern (nt based) version of Windows has been as problematic for me as 10. (Vista was fine, it never gave me any trouble but 10, things just broke.)

Comment Isn't this a solved problem? (Score 1) 215

What I mean is with public/private key pairs the hard part (and why you can't totally be sure on a web site) is getting a valid certificate on your PC in the first place. (Which means it comes with the OS and then there's a chain of certs going back to the original one.) But in this case you'd think they'd just leave a port on the car and the fob, generate a pair of certificates one for the car and one for the fob and then download them over a wire to each one. (Then all the wireless communication could be secured via public/private keys.) I know I know, in theory it's a solved problem but they just messed it up instead of hiring somebody who's actually an expert in this.

Comment Re:We won't be able to make ships with warp (Score 4, Informative) 157

Being able to achieve an erection is not more important than treating Heart Disease with little to no side effects.

Well I guess that's ironic.(Then again someone will correct me if this isn't really an example of irony.) I mean it sounds like he's complaining about Viagra. For those that don't know the pill that gives old dudes woodies was originally developed as an anti-high blood pressure medicine. Yes, really. (Researchers noticed the side effects and somebody saw an opportunity.)

Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 1) 384

I don't know why people fail to understand the problem with immigration isn't the people who legally come here to work. Almost no one has a problem with that.

Well and H1B's which I guess you can argue are a way for companies to get the perks of illegal immigrants but do so in a technically legal but morally reprehensible manner. (If people on H1B's are really that good and that necessary they should be able to enter with no strings attached. Otherwise it's simply a scam to depress wages.) Admittedly I don't know if Trump gives a shit about that but I seriously doubt Hillary does.

Comment Agile was just terribly named (Score 1) 145

I mean I think I get where the agile dogma was trying to go but they decided to make something they could sell to business higher-ups and by doing so gave management just enough room to completely fuck it up. From what I can see what I consider agile is really 4 principles

Talking - Yes, both sides (the person that wants the work and the one doing the work) really need to talk to each other regularly so we don't have somebody going off for 6 months and coming up with something nobody wants. (That also means the one that wants can't be silent either

Trust - Both sides have to believe that the other knows what they're doing because if they don't everyone is screwed. (That means no micromanagement. I'm always surprised how often people doing agile fuck this one up.)

Respect - Don't waste either sides time or resources. This is in opposition to talking but the point is if you want your developers to do their work don't waste their time with tech support. Builders also shouldn't waste the owners time with stupid question about minutia.

Reflect - every so often go over what did and didn't work and what could be done to improve and you really need to act on those things. (For example I've worked at places that didn't automate releases and didn't really want to check if this was a problem even when we brought it up.

Anyway in most cases what's called Agile is really cargo cult agile. (It looks like agile but things are done for the wrong reasons.)

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