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Comment Re:Not really a success for the AI (Score 1) 72

No, the purpose of AI should be that it can problem solve and adapt to a situation as well, or better than us. With an unfair reaction benefit it can actually problem solve worse, yet still win simply because it has an external advantage. That doesn't sound like a win for AI to me.

If a self-driving car can drive better than you because it's got 360 degree vision, millisecond reaction time and the capacity to focus on ten different factors at once is that "cheating"? I think that's a matter of perspective, limiting it to the wheel's turning rate and the pedals' actuation force sounds like unreasonably hampering the performance. Maybe that's not a "fair" fight, but I'd say we probably want the computer to play to its strengths and not mimic our weaknesses.

If that self-driving car was competitively driving in NASCAR, with perfect knowledge of car positions, velocity, tire conditions, fuel levels, track conditions - then it would be a fair comparison.

Comment Re:Not a problem at all (Score 1) 986

There are dicks everywhere. People of all religions, ethnicities, colors, and even financial backgrounds don't like and/or trust other people who are not like them.

Well yes, but using extremes can often lead to a sort of moral relativism where everybody is equally bad even though one is a fringe movement and the other a mainstream sentiment. I'm sure there were a few black supremacists, but nothing like the KKK. I'm sure some Jews hated the Nazis, but nothing like the Holocaust. I don't know if it's been listed as a fallacy but the appeal to indifference certainly should be, like they were probably just as bad as us. No, they probably weren't.

This sounds like something a white apologist would say. I was talking about individuals being dicks - which happens in all religions, ethnicities, and colors. You bring out the holocaust and the KKK as examples...

The Hutu killed a million Tutsi in 3 months - and while that doesn't compare to the Germans killing 11 million Jews, they also didn't have the power, reach, or time period to kill more before international involvement curtailed it. Slavery? Invented by Sumerian and Egyptians (middle-eastern) and perfected by Berbers (black) who specialized in enslaving Christians. There have been more non-black slaves than black slaves. KKK are retards - but like I said...EVERY group, ethnicity, religion etc has its share of dicks.

Comment Re:which company? (Score 1) 986

Also I was wondering: do you have a diversity program in place?

If there was one place that needed a diversity program in place, it would be professional sports. Despite not being the superior athlete, I should get hired onto a multi-million dollar NBA contract because I'm white and underrepresented.

Comment Re:Not a problem at all (Score 5, Insightful) 986

Man has a point. If you only hire H1-Bs, you won't get many Trump supporters.

About TFA: is a sad commentary on the US education system that our rednecks can't tell the races they're supposed to hate apart. But then, I guess it's not the smart ones who do this sort of shit in the first place.

White guy in Kansas shoots foreigners because he's a racist and/or ethnocentric.
Black guys beat and torture white guy in Chicago because they're racist and/or ethnocentric.
White cops beat black guy in California because they're racist and/or ethnocentric.
Black guy kills a bunch of white cops because he's racist and/or ethnocentric.
Middle Eastern guys rape a bunch of white women in Sweden because ....

There are dicks everywhere. People of all religions, ethnicities, colors, and even financial backgrounds don't like and/or trust other people who are not like them.

Comment Re:Funny how conservatives hate success (Score 1) 184

What makes you think the majority of litter is assholes throwing shit out their window? Most of the litter I've seen on my 50 mile commute has been waste management vehicles with improperly secured gates or tops, or just degraded tops to the point where there are huge holes. These vehicles leave miles-long "comet tails" of debris in their wake that are very annoying to drive through and hazardous to paint and windshields.

Not to mention the possibility of high winds at the landfill before a particular segment gets covered again.

My stance on environmentalism is that I would like its advocates to live by their advice. For instance, if they advocate that I should eschew plane travel to reduce carbon footprint, they should not do it from conferences that they reached by traveling by plane, especially not by private jet. Otherwise, my suspicion is that they want me to suffer to preserve their playground.

Fine fine. You can have the point on the "majority" of litter, as long as I can still pick up the smoldering butts that people throw out their window and extinguish them in their eyeballs.

Comment Re:Time for USPS to sue him for defamation (Score 1) 144

The GP post is a clear exception to Poe's Law. It's abundantly clear that it's sarcasm.

C'mon, use your head ... "treason in the united corporations of america state?" "Trump will get him drowned in a steel cage?"

The post is +5 funny. Let's laugh and not take it seriously.

I can't laugh at it because the words aren't assembled together well enough to make a coherent thought for me to follow.

Comment Re:Time for USPS to sue him for defamation (Score 4, Insightful) 144

He needs to go to jail for a long time.

Defamation for what? They *did* have his package. For a month. With no record of its location....leading to the not unreasonable assumption that it had been stolen - which is not as rare as we'd like to wish it would be.

If you were to take to google, you'd find that carriers routinely open, inspect, and reseal packages - often at the request of law enforcement, and without a warrant being required. This is especially prevalent in Colorado and Washington, where LE assumes everyone is trying to ship marijuana out of state.

Returning to the same google-fu, missing packages aren't a rarity - which is what insurance is for. He did have insurance on the package, but not nearly enough.

Comment Re:Funny how conservatives hate success (Score 1) 184

I should add that FWIW, my stance on environmentalism is such that I wish (for example) that police would fingerprint or DNA litter, then fine the owners. Or that if I saw someone throwing a cigarette butt out of their window, it was legal for me to get out of my car, retrieve their cigarette butt, and put it out in their eyeballs.

That doesn't make me see Al Gore as any less of a douche than he is.

If everyone would stop speculating what they think OTHER people with opposing views would think as a means to build a strawman argument about how smart they are and how stupid people with opposing political views are....this conversation wouldn't be so hard to read.

Comment Re:Funny how conservatives hate success (Score 1) 184

I read through some of the comments on this story, and I couldn't help but notice there were quite a few that related Gore's politics and finance. None gave him any credit at all for financial acumen.

Yet not only did Gore make a lot of money by accepting (at the time cheap) stock for sitting on Apple's board, he made 'way more when he and another guy started up Current TV. Gore built it up and wound up selling it for major bucks.

So basically, Gore showed real financial chops. But because he's an unapologetic hypocrite, there's all kinds of sniping about private jets and save the whales by the same people who venerate Donald Trump. Yet Trump's main claim to fame is the number of times he's declared bankruptcy in ways allowing him to screw contractors over without losing any of his own money.

Fixed that for you.

Comment That's because... (Score 1) 353

That's because fast food workers aren't sitting around on work hours taking surveys. Truck drivers aren't driving down the road taking surveys. Taxi drivers and uber drivers aren't carting people around while taking surveys.

Office workers... ...people who generally have some sort of responsibility that involves decision making outside of a yes/no matrix - and thus don't see how their jobs can be automated due to complex troubleshooting and decision making - CAN sit around and do surveys.

In other obvious news, a recent survey of heavy drinkers shows that a whopping 65% don't believe they have a drinking problem, while only 3% thought that they did.

Comment Re:And went to... (Score 1) 191

I documented all of this, got supporting statements from my colleagues, and went to HR

Aha, I see your mistake.

When your "I went to..." statement does not end with "the troublesome's persons direct supervisor", then you have done nothing except cause grief for yourself.

Companies don't change in response to HR reported threats. They clam up and protect the status quo. Hint: you reporting a problem is not the status quo...

If instead you report to a manager above the troubled employee, well now you are giving the company a chance to quietly sweep a problem under the rug... there is nothing large companies and high level executives like more than some good rug sweeping. Heck, they might even lay off her whole division just to be sure!

Actually, in both cases I did go to the person's direct supervisor.

In the incident of the poker game at my house, there were 10-15 other people there - all co-workers. The story made it to her boss (my boss' boss) before I talked to him next. He was an empty suit - GE has its share of people who talk a good talk, but don't follow through on anything.

In the incident of the finance lady, I actually started with my boss. I was so enraged that I wanted to violence this person - I went to talk to my boss, took his advice to write it all up, go to HR....and while I called and left a message (and sent an e-mail) to her boss, my own boss had warned me that he was an empty suit, and nothing would happen. True to form, he didn't even bother to return my call or respond to my e-mail.

Comment Re:Goes both ways (Score 5, Interesting) 191

So...is she an ex-manager because you moved on, or someone did something about that behavior?

I got the fuck out. I took a demotion and a pay raise and moved to another team....which was difficult because of the "You're my best project manager so I'm going to give you a shitty performance review so that you have to stay on my team and make me look good" problem.

That said, I'd have taken the easy way out, if HR told me what you claim they told you, and sue. Especially, if she had been abusive to you. Jackpot!

One doesn't really sue GE. Especially an individual...or at least me - with a fairly long military career behind me, where I've been called worse and hurt worse. I'm just pointing out that it goes both ways. Stories like mine don't make national media...unless I'm a woman. Then I can blog about it, sue my employer for sexual discrimination, and even when a court rules against me - still make national headlines.

That said, your tone really stands out as misogynistic. Not saying you are, but it just comes across that way. Perhaps, it was the rant about affirmative action and focused on women and minorities,

No - not a misogynist....this story is about men mistreating women in a corporate culture. Stories like this make national headlines. The reverse stories do not. Just like domestic violence - news only reports one side of it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/...

What's her name accuses men at Uber of sexually harassing and holding her down and it makes national news. I report women at GE assaulting and physically abusing me, and I'm a misogynist. See my point?

Comment Re:motivation (Score 1) 191

"Another manager threatened to beat an underperforming employee's head in with a baseball bat."

Now, that's what must be a highly motivating work environment :/

One must wonder how their hiring process works, i.e. letting such characters through the gates, since recent reports don't paint a pretty picture.

That sounds like the sort of thing where someone is quoting Bon Qui Qui (Mad TV; https://www.youtube.com/watch?...) and says, "I will cut you!" or something, and the receiving end takes it as a threat.

Granted: The first rule of public speaking (or just about any kind of presentation) is to Know Your Audience. KYA. Applies to everything. You shouldn't tell jokes to people who may not get them, or may take offense at them...unless you're a stand-up comic. KYA. But that sort of professionalism isn't taught at any MBA school, and we have an entire generation or two of managers who are missing fundamental characteristics of leadership.

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