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Comment So what? (Score 2, Insightful) 109

Doesn't matter who is doing the hacking, what matters is how serious the USA takes with it's security measures to protect computers/devices from being hacked to begin with. And to be quite honest, the USA Government doesn't take it's computer security serious at all. That you can tell from letting Clinton off with her mismanagement of her server and the fact that our Government wants back doors in everything even though they keep being told that is how you get hacked.

Let's not even get into the encryption bullshit.

Comment Cool, but how does that help anything? (Score 0, Troll) 497

While sending 80 peeps to Mars is cool, what are they going to do while they are there? I mean, it's cool and all, but we are getting a head of our selves. We don't have a base on the moon, we don't have a base on Mars. We don't have a way to build them, because we haven't even bothered with that stage. I'm down for people going to Mars, but I more down to hear about how we are doing the small steps needed to get to the point in time first.

Make a fucking base on the moon first. Use the moon to figure out how to do it, so when we do decide to send people to Mars, we'll have experience with keeping peeps alive on other planets (or not earthly objects). But until then, I don't give a fuck about a space bus that can take 80 or over 9000 people.

Comment Re:is comcast conning me? (Score 1) 141

I have DSL that used to be cheap but they made me get a phone line and it almost doubled in price. (i don't need or use the phone line). I called comcast and they said i can get internet only for 44$ per month. I don't need tv because i get all i need from an OTA and the internet. Is that price for real or is there hidden prices that despite my asking about will still get tacked on my bill. I'm in central NJ, only choices are Verizon DSL(what i now have) and Comcast.

Comcast internet price they quoted you is a deal and will be a higher price after 6 months. That is the price they always quote, the deal price, never the real price.

Comment Don't give a fuck (Score 1) 405

I don't care what MS does. Fuck them. It's obvious this is a plan to get people to upgrade to W10, which by the way they are forcing it, means you want to stay really far away from it.

I wait on installing updates anyways, since MS has shown they will push broken updates and push telemetry data bullshit on windows 7 also.

Comment I have another theory (Score 0) 250

We the humans are stupid to think we have any ideas on how life is in the universe. We know barely anything about the planet we are on, let alone other planets in our solar system. Everything is else we do is basically guess work with no way to prove anything. We are stuck in our small, small, small, small, small, small, very fucking small part of the universe. WE KNOW NOTHING. So quit pretending we do.

Comment Put Super Glue on the Camera lenses (Score 1) 71

Since the camera's are not currently off, put superglue on the camera lens. It will block it from taking clear pictures and be hard a fuck to take off. And since they don't have the camera's on yet, they won't know who did it.

Sometimes you have to take your privacy back from those you who want to abuse it.

Comment Re:I dobut it was NSA (Score 1) 173

If the NSA was dumb enough to do this then they just wrote a blanket invitation to all countries to attack US owned agencies and companies openly with impunity. They will sound like complete hypocrites (even more so) and be ignored when other countries do it. I doubt NSA would be that dumb...I hope.

Read that article, they admit to hacking other countries.

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