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Comment Re:Dumb people have dumb ideas (Score 1) 144

We're Americans, they're not. That's the point. If we choose to admit others, that's our choice, but nothing compels us to do so. We certainly shouldn't do so when it's a threat to national security. Attitudes like yours are why people are getting molested by the TSA for exercising their right to travel. That is a violation of the Bill of Rights, you fuckstick.

Comment Re:"COMPLICATIONS OF SURGERY", i.e., they fucked u (Score 1) 136

Health care facilities negotiate costs with insurers. If they negotiate badly, that's on them. Insurance serves as a check and balance for the patient by disallowing excessive charges for things like surgery. If insurance only pays half what was asked for and the hospital happily takes it, you know they're overcharging. Now try that without insurance. Good luck.

Comment Re:Kids these days... (Score 1) 408

Yes, and it's a shame so many local papers sold out. It's a disservice to their readership. There are a lot of problems with local papers. Honesty is a big issue. My local paper had a very lively online community, but they didn't like the fact that the comments pointed out the bias or inaccuracies of many of their reports. Up went a paywall and out went pseudo-anonymous accounts. It absolutely killed them. Worse, the local papers' websites are the hosts for the nastiest, most annoying advertising. Some of them are unmanageable even with adblocking. I would pay a subscription for unbiased content and unfettered commentary and I'm sure a number of people would, forgoing the need for heavy advertising.. but that's a tall ask for the old media and sadly we can't always have what we want. So we go to Facebook or other social media venues to fill the whole that local news used to. They need to adapt with the times or disappear like payphones.

Comment Re: Echo-chamber fake news (Score 1, Insightful) 408

The government finds the government not guilty, hardly surprising.

This is just like Hillary and her emails. She broke the law and everyone knows it but the FBI wouldn't act "because Hillary".

Or like the AHA with Obama warning the Supreme Court that overturning his precious law would be "unprecedented".

Or like Benghazi where we still don't know what the hell happened or who ordered our assets in the area to stand down.

Or like the BP spill where the Mines and Minerals Service wasn't held to account for not enforcing existing regulations.


Plenty of rage we're coming off of that is valid rage.

Not to mention.. if you like your plan you can keep it and the average working family will save $2000 on their premiums.

Comment Re:If Apple built a Hololens we'd never hear about (Score 2) 113

Like the iPhone that was only for right-handed users?

I don't know if MS ever published any numbers, but it looks like the first version was targeted mostly at developers, which makes sense. You pay for the hardware and you get a jump start in producing a software product for it, without waiting for a general release. That's not at all unusual and is actually a good thing. It sounds like they were doing parallel development with version two and version three at different points in the development life cycle. If two had issues that couldn't be worked out in a reasonable amount of time doesn't it make sense to drop the release and focus on the next one? These things happen with large, cutting edge projects. At least MS is trying to innovate, there hasn't been much new from Apple other than the "courage" of removing every port possible from their devices.

Comment Re:yet the non-workers earn most (Score 1) 361

Yes, an uprising for the proletariat!

Software development isn't the "hardest stuff". Trying to run a company, pay your employees, keep the customers happy, keep the lights on.. all of that doesn't just happen on its own. If it was so easy, you'd be running your own company rather than whining about it.

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