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Comment Re:The designers have taken over (Score 1) 139

Their vision is "to make beautiful, engaging experiences possible on the Windows platform." Um, I don't want engaging experiences, I want my OS to do what I ask it to, in a consistent and effective manner? It really seems that we have come to a point, where decades of research on UIs is being effectively tossed away, in favor of cheap tricks and simple eye candy.

Comment In other words... (Score 1) 123

alternative headline is "Uber Hires a Nasa Veteran With Severe Dementia?" We've had this flying car scenario before, it's a repeating theme, much like virtual reality. Then again, I'm not the one speaking out against some Boom-Leelo-Dallas-Multipass action, so go right ahead.

Comment Re:White space (Score 1) 489

Unfortunately, most artists are control freaks when it comes to their work. They have their golden ratios and whatnot, and freak out when things don't look the way they intended. Also, they are perfectionists and have a hard time letting go of their work, so more time spent on a project often equals more and more minute detail, requiring ever more precise positioning.

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