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Comment Re:Should Be... (Score 1) 499

The issue with stopping parents rights the second a child's health is put at risk, is that it invites over officious idiocy from child services, like "oh my god, I saw some snot dribbling from their nose once, therefore you're not cleaning them regularly enough, and their health is at risk!"

Fortunately, not everything has to be a slippery slope.

Comment I am not ashamed (Score 1) 408

"It has to become socially unacceptable to admit to another human being that you are VPNing into U.S. Netflix" I am Canadian. I occasionally vpn into a US server to watch US netflix. Heck, I've even vpn'ed into European countries just to see what they get. I have never sat in the penalty box for 2 minutes to feel shame. Generally, though, I stick to Canadian netflix because it's good enough and it's a wee bit of a hassle to vpn to a US server. It's only a wee hassle. Don't go telling me how easy it is. I get it. It's just clicking a couple of buttons.

Comment Re: News for nerds (Score 5, Informative) 866

your post is a little tl;dr for me, so forgive me if I'm focusing on the wrong details here.


"scientism claims that life after death is impossible"

Science makes no such claims. "Science" would say that there's no credible evidence of life after death therefore it probably doesn't exist. Should credible evidence arise, "science" will re-evaluate.

Comment For the children! (Score 1) 764

..yes, and there is one area (which you mention) in which he feels he can help so he is.

He can't be a positive role model to black kids because he's not black*. He can't be a role model to disabled kids because he's not disabled*. He's doing what he can to help in one specific usecase. His efforts should be appreciated by everybody.

*I acknowledge you shouldn't be excluded from being a role model if you don't share the same skin colour or able-bodiness. But if you share those attributes I presume it creates a closer connection.

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