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Submission + - Ford Evos cloud-connected concept car unveiled (everythingnew.net) 1

hasanabbas1987 writes: "The sparkling red eye candy or simply Ford Evos revealed itself at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. The Evos is termed as cloud-connected meaning it can learn your prefrences, save them somewhere on its clever system, download traffic detail from the internet, show points of interests on maps and that is just the standard options. Its a plug-in hybrid to it will run on full batteries for about 500 miles and when the charge run out, use the all green motor to be all gentle on the environment, something which the looks of the cars disagree with. It will even help you select between EV and normal modes, depending upon roads ahead of you. And just to throw in a last minute detail, it also monitors the heartbeat of the driver as he sits in “the hot seat”"

Comment Crooks County (Score 1) 1

It's Chicago and it's IL what do people expect, the entire City of Chicago and the state of IL are ran by a bunch of corrupt politicians that strive to screw over the public every chance they get. Where else do you read of Children and young adults being shot to death every single day you open up the Chicago Tribune and still the city government is in denial that the city does not have a crime problem. And then you have this in which cops abuses their power and then enlist other cops to help them get out of trouble when they get caught.

Here is another F-up law that IL have that i don't think very many people know of; if some POS broke into your house and you happen to shoot him and he ran out of your house and died on your lawn ( mind you this POS is still on your property) his POS family can sue you for wrongful death. It only consider self defense if the POS died in your home. And to think many other state you can be consider trespassing for stepping on someone else lawn, but in IL it's only consider trespassing if you are actually in someone else home.


Submission + - Science fair entry shuts down airport (oregonlive.com) 2

OverTheGeicoE writes: A graduate student was returning home from a science fair in Omaha with his handmade entry in his carry-on luggage. When TSA discovered it they shut down the airport for several hours, until they could determine it was harmless. All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again, so before you fly with your homemade Minty MP3 player make sure you take a look at TSA Blogger Bob's warning or it could wind up looking like this.

Comment Re:Good Choice (Score 1) 182

Well, if you support civilian disarmament, then you should follow the leader in civilian disarmament. Pretty obvious when you think about it. Call it "oppression" if you want to, but that just sounds like hyperbole. Have to do what's right for the country and the global community. If you let Americans have all those guns around, how will they ever join the new world order?

Well I don't support civilian disarmament, because it is our constitutional/amendment rights to bare arms. And as for American joining the new world order, i do not know exactly what new world order you are talking about because what I have read and seen on the news the world is pretty much going to hell in a hand basket; and I rather be in a country that allow me to have guns rather than ones that take it away from me.

Also playing COD is fun; but it's much more fun when you go to a range and have the real weapons in COD in your hands and firing them.

Comment Re:Good Choice (Score 1) 182

Despite Eric Holder's efforts with ATF's "Gunrunner" and "Fast and Furious" programs seemed to have backfired, and the disarmament media effort in North America will be significantly curtailed due to the inept handling of that false flag effort. A country like North Korea - probably the world leader in successful disarmament of its citizens, is the perfect choice for restarting the international effort, and assisting the United States in making better progress in that regard.

So what you are saying is our government should follow North Korea by oppressing it's citizens and taking away their rights; because that would just make life simply grand like how the North Koreans are living right now.

Comment Worthless (Score 1) 120

If it never made it to the moon it is just another worthless scrap piece of fabric; the whole point of owning space memorabilia is to have something that actually went into space or came from space; and not some discarded scrap of fabric that they cut out because the flag did not fit on the flag holding apparatus. Honestly it sounds like the guys who has this scrap fabric spin a snake oil salesman tale about it an try to get some dumba$$ to buy it.

Comment Who said black market organs dealer aren't honest (Score 1) 210

Our world is full of surprises, it's good to know that there are good and honest black market organs dealer out there that would not take advantage of someone in need for cash. I can sleep easy at night knowing that if i need cash i can always turn to a black market organs dealer and trust that he/she/they would only removed what I'm willing to sell rather than murder me and sell all of my organs.


Submission + - New Transmission Increases Wind Power Efficiency (ksl.com)

jaeric writes: A working prototype of a new transmission can increase wind pwer efficiency by 5 to 10 percent, while also providing longer durability. The new prototype also has possible applications for vehicles as well.

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