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Comment Re:that's it. the end game. (Score 2) 345

Instead of an income tax, it could be an operate tax. $0.10 per hour of operation. So little that manufactures might agree to it, but since you'd likely want to operate your robots around the clock that's about $16/week. Not enough to support any poor old ladies, but these sorts of social programs aren't usually setup to depend on a single source of tax revenue.

That said, if I had a business and money to spend on lobbyist I wouldn't let the government place taxes on using my own property.

Comment Re:1984 is not a utopia (Score 1) 92

Other than Amazon, Google, individuals that have compromised your laptop, computer, phone or voice actived IoT device? Probably not the government, unless you've done something to get on their radar.

Google is at least nice enough to let you view the logs of everything they've recorded. And currently you can delete them, until the terms of service change.

A lot of privacy laws in the world, including many states in the US, apply primarily to government agencies. While laws usually aren't nearly as strict for individuals or private business. As we continue to see a consumer protections fall away, we'll also see less privacy protection.

If anything is magical, it's that you think there will be more protection going forward.

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