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Comment funny enough (Score 1) 166

I was just bitching not more than 2 hours ago about how ATT only has fiber service in the dumpy part of town, but not out here.

Im not rich, mind you but I live inland on a peninsula of a very large lake, so while I personally am not rich, there's some sickeningly big ass lake houses just down the road

Comment dunno (Score 1) 208

I had ATT for years and generally no issues with them in my area, my wife has used various services on the sprint network and is now with sprint, and it mostly seems ok

my current phone is on Verizon, and wow for as much crap they talk, at least in my area, it sucks donkey ass, its constantly at 3g or lower, often with no mobile data, and it drops at a gnats fart, not impressed for as much as it would be costing me.... now to be fair its mostly fine when I travel to other large area's, but I don't do that but a handful of times a year

So while being smack dead center in their blood red map, it is by far the worst service I have ever had... and I had cellphone's since the brick with a rubber ducky antenna Motorola's on gaping wide gaps in analog coverage, and its less reliable than that

Comment Re:who knew (Score 1) 232

lol just move closer you say

listen I am not moving closer to an industrial wasteland city packed with assholes just so I can ride my bike to work, I can do that out in the open air where I live, which I do

but apparently you think I must uproot my entire life JUST to ride a dumbshit bike to work, why? so I can be one of the trendy people living in a 100 sq foot rabbit cage and showing up to work smelling of sweaty asshole and armpit, 20 min late?

there's a reason people hate cyclist, you have shown just a brief glimpse of why

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