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Comment how is bestbuy even still open (Score 0) 128

Out of desperation I went to one yesterday looking for a replacement case fan, and during prime shopping hours (about 6:30pm) there was like 4 customers in there and an entire army of drones shoveling their demo's in my face as I walked by, and of course not a single employee to actually point me to what I was looking for

it was fucking annoying, so I made it all the way to the back of the store just to find out they didnt have the fan the website said was in stock, turned around and saw the gauntlet of sad sales drones waiting for me. I tucked my head down and went though it all again.

I would rather walk a mile in a hailstorm than go to another best buy (its been several years anyway) and risk being caught glancing at something shiny, just to be attacked by some apple / samsung/ lg / who the fuck ever sales douche

Comment except (Score 1, Troll) 267

no one has good proven commercial grade software for arm, and its even a grey area for mac

x86 has been competing with the power and power of arm for a bit now, and when it comes down to it what am I supposta use? hacked up libre office offered by zen ding dong jacnoff for arm that needs root access and web add's or a a 80$ copy of MS office on X86 that majority of the universe uses at this point

im not writing a church newsletter on my jackoff pad, im writing a 400 page techinical report

Comment Re:What is the metals mix? (Score 1) 56

Lead-free solders in commercial use may contain tin, copper, silver, bismuth, indium, zinc, antimony, and traces of other metals

Companies go to great lengths to use as little solder as possible (ours saved almost 10 grand a year on a single low volume product by reducing paste by 20%) and of that tiny amount of solder only a minuscule amount of it might be silver (silver is not required for lead free solder)

so the amount of effort, energy and nasty ass chemicals to extract the possible silver would be a ridiculous waste of time

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 0) 124

im not saying that it cant happen but in tech like batteries there is a reason the most obvious low hanging fruit solution is not the one used, and details on this are very sparse

  essentially what the article hardly describes is a capacitor (more specifically a beefed up metallic film cap), which can output a fuckton of power for a very short time. I can understand not giving away the sauce, but "it puts out twice the power and doesn't catch fire" is not really compelling

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