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Comment Re: Thank but no thank you (Score 2) 154

Countless websites on the internet totally break if you block google IPs.

I was evaluating game development platforms and couldn't install Unity because it required a connection to Google analytics, which is one of the many things I block at the hosts level.

That's right. I couldn't get passed the install without an active connection to Google analytics.

I concluded Unity wasn't as serious development platform.

Comment Re:Copyright law is a bitch; Fair Use is not a rig (Score 1) 219

The design of the Note 7 is copyrighted, just as any other product. To reproduce a likeness of a piece of "art" without permission is infringing (just ask the US Post Office). How accurate was it? Could it be identified as a Note 7? If so, then it's a by right thing - it IS infringing.

Now, Hitman Niko can absolutely pursue this in court by re-publishing on a non-common carrier platform and having Samsung sue him. He may then, and only then, proffer his defense that the use falls under one of the Fair Use sections of copyright law. If the judge/jury concludes, based on the evidence, that it meets the test of fair use, then he will win the case. But he can't claim Fair Use as a right, only as a positive defense to an infringement claim. Copyright law is a bitch.

By that argument absolutely every manufactured object in the game that has a recognizable brand is infringing.

You are an idiot and I'd mod you a Troll if I had points today.

Comment Re:Moores Law (Score 1) 116

Moore's law is not what is dying. What is dying is people's desire for "faster", at least on the personal front.

[citation needed]

You give your own anecdote, I'll give you mine - I don't buy new hardware as often because the new stuff is nearly the same speed as it was 5 years ago.

If they go back to giving us the huge speed increases we used to see, I'll start buying hardware every 2 years again.

I am typing this on a 4 year old MacBook air. [...] It runs anything I want to do fine because most of the heavy lifting nowadays is up in the cloud

What heavy lifting? What are you talking about? Guess you don't care about privacy.

Also - you're using a Mac. Guess you do a lot of "coding" on that Mac of yours, huh.

Comment Re:A poor craftsman blames his tools. (Score 1) 531

It's not the language, it's the programmers and the rush to produce easy code. Speed and simplicity trumps security and efficient coding these days.

I can't stand hearing aphorisms that people think must be true because they sound good.

Give a lumberjack a toothbrush and tell him to cut down a forest, and tell him "a poor craftsman blames his tools".

You may say that's not like software development, it's exactly like that.

Over and over again I see great developers succeed not because of, but in spite of the shitty tools they have to use, and the dysfunctional organizational structures they have to work in.

Comment Re: Why use TypeScript when there's (Score 1) 89

Because websites still use JavaScript for client side stuff. Typescript makes this job easier and oddly use JavaScript like a byte code in Java where it compiles to JavaScript so it works in every browser or mobile app

Um, yeah, DuoCode transcompiles C# to JavaScript.

Maybe you should have clicked the link before posting.

Comment Recursive Manufacturing (Score 2) 209

He's talking about recursive manufacturing, and honestly I'm surprised we haven't developed it already. Its power will utterly dominate our civilization's future, we have the tech to start development right now, and... we don't even have a Wikipedia page on it yet?

When we develop true RM, going to the Moon will be a footnote.

Comment Re:Would love to see something done (Score 1) 236

You know, murder is a crime because you rob someone of the remaining time they might have had on this planet. Robo callers steal the equivalent of lifetimes every single day and our useless FTC seems utterly incapable of doing a damned thing about it.

Oh I hear you. Some of the editors here deserve looong prison sentences.

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