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Comment Re:Wrong Answer for Long Distance Shipping (Score 1) 246

Trains are used when they can be and are the preferred method for shipping domestically. Time-sensitive cargo and cargo going outside of rail hubs is what's being handled by trucks. It doesn't make any sense to build a railroad or run a train to Bumfuckistan, Colorado, population 600.

Comment Much ado about nothing (Score 1) 518

Let me preface this saying that I can't stand macs and find them abysmal to use...

This is clickbait journalism. They may be killing the physical key, but it's fairly obvious that they have a touch-bar above the number row. Chances are the ESC key is that e-ink looking 'cancel' button above the 1 key in the picture. If not, it'll be mappable and forceable to that bar.

Now, if this was the full keyboard I'd be up in arms because tactile feedback is extremely important when typing on a computer, but its the topmost corner position on the keyboard that's isolated from other keys. If they reserve 2 inches on the top left of the touchbar for it, it wouldn't heavily effect the ability handle the muscle memory aspect.

Comment Re:DGW - Dinosaurogenic Global Warming (Score 1) 354

The cliff analogy often used is disingenuous. It looks at historical geologic timescales and sees how AGW compares to them, which is like dropping off a cliff. However, if you want to relate to people you have to put things into a perspective they understand, which is the human timescale, and if you wanted to do an analogy with that perspective it'd simply be like rolling down a hill. AGW needs to affect individuals on a year and decade timescale, not century timescale, for them to care and make changes because humans are shortsighted. If you can not distill direct effects that relate to an individual's direct and immediate future then they will oft dismiss it as fearmongering. The vast majority of the population doesn't give a shit if the earth temps rise by two degrees in 100 years because it won't effect how they live their lives in a significant manner, when the changes proposed would drastically alter how they currently go about their lives. A true 'tragedy of the commons'

Comment Re: Having a 'bad gene'... (Score 1) 652

While there is thought that certain aspects of 'nurture' may be at play, it doesn't rule out nature. The rise in cancer diagnosis over the past century is due in part to discovery and awareness. Kids in the 50's that were mildly autistic were just looked at as 'weird' and managed coping mechanisms, where the extreme cases were sent to asylums. Those mild cases are a case of misdiagnosis and lack of awareness, and if they were born today would be targeted as ASD.

Comment Re:working to offset expansion of the money supply (Score 1) 403

Honestly, I believe this is intentional. The US is inflating its way towards global parity and in doing so is devaluing its debt to keep the word economies and US economies churning.

The reason the US does what it does is because the USD is looked at as the international currency, partly because it does what it does. Everyone rushes to the USD in times of crisis because the USA has shown in the past and committed in the future to stabilizing the currency even if hurts the US economy. Its a extremely odd chicken-and-egg scenario at the moment, and until it changes, the USD will continue to be the status quo until either a radical political upheaval or US influence erodes to parity with other superpowers who show similar level-headed fiscal policy.

Comment Re:Gratuity should be illegal (Score 1) 97

Because tipping provides a direct incentive for the worker to excel, and the results show. If the worker doesn't make enough in tips, they get bumped up to minimum wage so they never make under minimum wage...but if they excel, they bring in great money and provide a big draw for customers in high value customer service. Having visited several countries, the average level of service provided in a tipping culture vs a non-tipping culture is quite extreme, in favor of tipping cultures. There are servers and bartenders that make in excess of $70,000 a year through college because they hone their craft and become someone patrons ask for when they go to visit a restaurant because of such good service.

Comment Re:Anand did it properly (Score 1) 80

Honestly, it could have been a similar situation. Anand started to become extremely heavy handed towards apple products for about a year or two before he left to work for Apple. His reviews on apple products become quite intolerable, and were often apologetic of any issues and was even starting to use fluff words like "magical" in those reviews. This seemed to unfold shortly after they busted open antennagate debacle. There was a lot of debate in article comments that Anand lost his perspective for a good time before he resigned.

Comment Re:Disgusting (Score 1) 55

Making education entertaining conditions children into enjoying education. A common thread among the geniuses of the past is that they all started education at a very early age and it was ground into them, so they almost instinctively had it become their raison d'tere. Not everyone has that kind of upbringing. LEGO has created more engineers than ENG101 because it taught children how to enjoy the process of building, regardless of whether that was their original inclination. The same has been done with computer games and programming. Now we're seeing attempts to do the same via Minecraft.

You can't roll back the clock, so talking about the good old days doesn't solve anything. Work with where we are now, the world we are in today.

Comment Re:People getting too illiterate for email? (Score 1) 290

There are reasons for voice communication. I've asked an either/or question of someone via email and gotten a response of "yes" which was quite infuriating. Doubly so because they were on the west coast and replied after my business hours on the east coast, then I had to wait till 11 AM the next day to get a proper response. All of this could be avoided with real-time communication.

Comment Re:Lucky you're not in Australia (Score 1) 623

The saying "9 you're fine, 10 you're mine" is common in the US. It refers to the threshold most police use to pull you over. Unless you're going through a speed trap or a small town, you're unlikely to get pulled going 9 or less because you can get it wiped out at court fairly easy.

Comment Assuming people can go without internet (Score 1) 174

In my circles and with my career, internet has become a necessity not an option. Looking at it through this lens, you factor the difference between the internet you'd have without netflix and what you'd have with it, not the entire cost. In my case, that's $10/mo extra, not the whole $50.

Comment Re:Does this pass the smell test? (Score 1) 147

That being said, the risk potential probably would be much more acceptable for a smaller scale of rivers and inland lakes, where a vessel would arguably be easier to salvage if there is an issue.

You have it entirely flipped, this is the exact opposite of reality and smaller rivers and inlets are the most dangerous places for a ship big enough to want automation. The river may look wide, but the channel in which bigger ships can actually travel inside a river is often very small due to depth constraints. A ship running aground in a channel can shut down commerce there for days, weeks, or months depending on the severity, and a collision can cause hundreds of millions in damage to fixed infrastructure. The risk and concern is so severe that most ports have what we call "pilots" that are specialized ship drivers who know that port location - they drive out to the large ship in a small boat, climb the ladder, and drive the ship to its berth. It can take up to 2-3 hours just to dock a ship at one of the outer terminals because of the low speed and safety factors. The turning tolerances and weather constraints make it very dangerous and difficult should something go wrong.

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