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Feed Free Songs With Built In Ads Is Not The Answer (

An idea that's been discussed for years and apparently is now a hot one for various startups is to try to create a legitimate file sharing system, where before you can listen to the music, you have to first pay attention to an advertisement. It's simple for recording industry execs to understand, so they like it -- but they seem to be missing the key point: it's not what music listeners want. Just look at how many people were willing to jump to satellite radio claiming the lack of ads on many satellite music stations was a key driver. Also, these file sharing systems need to recognize that they're still competing with the ad-free versions (also known as unauthorized file sharing programs). The trick to making money in these spaces isn't to saddle the content with some annoyance no one wants -- but to make it more valuable in a way that people are willing to pay.

Submission + - 5 Best Environmental Tech Inventions of 2007

kitzilla writes: "Nanotech batteries. LED lighting. Super-efficient MOCVD solar panel technology. It may seem early to be compiling a retrospective of this year's best environmental tech inventions, but 2007 is shaping up as a watershed for eco-tech. Practical wave-generated power, anyone? With social and political attention turning toward the environment, there's finally market-driven pressure to move sustainability solutions out of the lab and into people's homes and driveways. Here's a quick look at the immediate future."
The Internet

Submission + - Reduce global warming - buy some CO2

Not That Anonymous Coward writes: "If you buy the right to use a certain amount of CO2 — and you don't use that right — you contribute to reduce the global warming. It's a simple idea — but it might save the world. Today, most scientists argue that global warming is caused by human emission of greenhouse gases like CO2 — therefore a reduction of the emission is urgent. Go buy yourself some CO2:"

Submission + - Controversy of AimBotters Hacked - Face of Mankind

An anonymous reader writes: I dunno how else to submit some sort of news tip to you guys, so hopefully this will help?

Face of Mankind ( recently came under attack from a hacker. Yes yes, we've all heard it before right? This one has some pretty serious controversy to it.

For the past months or so, Face of Mankind community has been trying to deal with an uprising in AimBotters (Altering the color of Character models so a 3rd party program can follow that color and allow them to aim perfectly, as this is an MMOFPS). So far, there was no way to 100% prove a player was aimbotting, and so the Developer and GM teams couldn't do much, but the Community Manager Daniel "Smoker" Wieffen had been keeping a list of suspected and confirmed AimBotters in the Developers protected forum.

Very recently, a new aimbot injector was released for FoM privately, and links to download it had been spread through Ventrillo's (Every Faction in Face of Mankind uses their own Ventrillo server for communication, all hosted by the players themselves). What the community didnt know was the AimBot program was made by someone looking to "Filter the Community of Cheaters", and he'd implemented a Keylogger in the AimBot program, that submitted to him the Username and Passwords of all the people that used the aimbot. He had all this info, but he waited for a long time to make any attack, so the keylogger went unnoticed for a long time.

Smoker, the CM that had been keeping the list of Aimbotters, also received the AimBot program to help the developement team study it and find a way to protect against it. As well, he didnt know of the keylogger and his Game account, forum accounts were compromised. Last night, the hacker went into action. He logged into Smoker's forum account, Took the list from the Developer forums and made it public, posting each of the Suspected Aimbotters' Username and Password for the community to get their revenge on them. He then logged into the game and "Faction Kicked" Several people (Meaning they were removed from their position in one of the 8 factions of Face of Mankind, removing all their Experience gained in the faction and losing their rank). Many of those Faction Kicked weren't even suspect of Aimbotting, they were just on the persons bad list.

So far, there has been no official statement as to what happened from Duplex Systems. The only recent news posted was by GM Benjamin Buske:


There has been an uprising about people passing around an aimbot exe file. Be forewarned, if you use or log on to this file your account information will be rendered to somebody that will quite possibly hack your account.

The suggestion would be not to use hacks. Hence, your account will not be hacked and rendered into the wrong hands.

Everyone who used the software is adviced to delete it. AFTER the software got deleted, please change your password. Otherwise there will be still access to your account.

Kind Regards,

BenjB [GM]


Face of Mankind Staff"

Now, a big issue taking over the community is what should happen to the aimbotters who were caught and exposed? Nearly all of their accounts were logged into and all assets and money taken away and given to the 'good' players of FoM. We're all waiting to see if the exposed aimbotters will be reimbursed, as their accounts WERE hacked into and their assets stolen.

What do you think should happen to all parties involved? Should the hacked aimbotters be reimbursed? Should the hacker who exposed them be thanked or banned for bringing this truely to light? It's all questions the community is asking.

More info when I can provide it. Keep an eye on for news updates, or better their forums at

~ Ray308win
America Online

Submission + - What Constitutes OpenID 'support'?

new-black-hand writes: "Recently some companies, including the likes of AOL and Microsoft, amongst others, have come out with support for OpenID. Supporters of OpenID were all happy to hear about these announcements, and generally these companies were praised for their adoption of the open identity format. It turns out though, that most of these recent announcements and updates have been about applications becoming providers of OpenID identities, rather than consumers of OpenID. There haven't been any significant updates recently to the list of applications that support OpenID. This story talks about how we are now stuck with millions of OpenID accounts that have nowhere new to go, and attempts to outline the criteria for what an application that supports OpenID should look like."

Submission + - What's the best Linux Distro/Laptop pair?

VincenzoRomano writes: "It's now a year I'm running Linux KUbunbtu on my ASUS V6J Laptop. Almost happily.
In a near future I will need to buy one more laptop for my employee (aye, I have one!) and I'd like to know more about the Slashdot community experience.
What I have in mind is to have as much hardware as possible working under Linux, especially the modem and the irda (if present) as well as all other "basic" hardware, like wired/wireless interfaces and graphics card.
I have no special requirement for the Linux distro, as my personal experience is limited to (in time order) Slackware, Gentoo and KUbuntu. The activities to be carried out are somewhat in between "personal productivity" and "application development", as the guy will travel a lot and will run GCC compilers, PostgreSQL DB and Apache.
What'd be your choice?"

Submission + - How to Sue a spammer in the UK

Anonymous Coward writes: "In what is believed to be the highest damages award an individual has received in the UK and thought to be the first case in Scotland, an Edinburgh man has successfully claimed damages from a sender of unsolicited commercial email.

Gordon Dick was granted decree in Edinburgh Sheriff Court against Transcom Internet Services Ltd (Transcom) of Henley-on-Thames. The judgement, in January, awarded Mr Dick damages and, unusually for a small claim, lifted the normal £75 cap on expenses the defender was ordered to pay.

For receiving spam email from Transcom, the court awarded Mr Dick :
Damages: £750 plus 8% interest per annum from 10th May 2006 until paid
Expenses: £618.66
Total: £1368.66 (plus interest)

If all 72,000 recipients of this particular spam were eligible to claim the same damages then the spammers bill could total over £54,000,000!

Anti-Spam Law

The EU e-Privacy directive was incorporated into UK law by the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 ("PECR"). The law gives individuals the right to not receive unsolicited commercial email, faxes and text messages.

When he was openly sent spam by a company advertising anti-spam solutions on their web site, Gordon Dick, decided they should not be allowed to get away with breaching the law.

Mr Dick wrote to the group of companies in Henley-on-Thames run by a Mr William Smith of Reading (the sole director of Transcom Internet Services Ltd is also a director of Transcom ISP Ltd, Transcom Satellite Services Ltd, Nowdance Ltd and Design Technology Ltd which trades as Transcom ISP, all of which are based at the same address). He asked them to explain their actions and required them to cease using his personal data. Transcom Internet Services Limited wrote back confirming they were responsible for the email but denying their actions were unlawful and challenging Mr Dick to take legal action.

Mr Dick gave them a final warning that legal action would follow if they did not make good damage done and give undertakings not to breach the regulations again. Transcom reiterated their challenge to take legal action, so Mr Dick followed their request and filed a small claim in Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Transcom instructed solicitors and filed a defence in court. Evidence and case law was submitted to the court which resulted in an offer to settle out of court for £500, Mr Dick rejected the offer and requested £750 plus an apology and undertakings not to breach the law again. The day before proof hearing they agreed to pay £750 but refused to undertake not to breach the regulations again in an out of court settlement. This settlement never completed and Transcom's solicitors withdrew from acting for them. The Sheriff awarded decree and lifted the normal £75 cap on small claim expenses due to Transcom's actions during the case.

Mr Dick commented: "The courts have now sent a clear message, spam will not be tolerated and individuals rights to not have their mailbox filled with unsolicited advertising will be upheld. It has been clear to me throughout my case and in front of each Sheriff that they have little time for spammers and their anti-social actions."

Mr Dick went on to say: "While most spam comes from countries such as the USA and China and therefore is difficult to apply European laws to, UK internet users can at least drive local spammers out of business. I'd now like to see the mass market internet providers and media throughout the UK provide help to the British public with pointers, resources and support in legal claims against UK based spammers and perhaps we can clean up our little part of the internet."

Mr Dick has launched a web site to help others make legal claims at and is encouraging ISPs, email and SMS providers to get in touch to work together."
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Fedora and OpenSUSE To Partner On Linux Stats

darthcamaro writes: Fedora has crossed the 2 Million installed point! But wait that's not the big news..the big news is that Red Hat is in discussion with Novell for a broader stats projects that could finally see us having an open stats site for Linux.
from the article:
With the new threshold crossing, it is unclear whether Fedora 6 is the No. 1 Linux distribution in use today, but has learned that preliminary discussions are underway that could see Novell's OpenSUSE Linux distribution partner with Red Hat's Fedora to drive open statistics about Linux use.

Submission + - Movie Firms Working on Digital Film System

aniyo~ writes: Tired of being turned away at the theater box office when a movie's sold out? Unhappy there's no art-house theater in your neighborhood to cater to your hoity-toity theatrical tastes?Those days could be ending, say representatives of Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment and a company called Digital Cinema Implementation Partners.

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