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Comment Power hungry megalomaniacs with delusions of.. (Score 1) 436

Power hungry megalomaniacs with delusions of godhood will never allow a "disaster/catastrophe" to go to waste in their attempt to grab more POWER at the expense of the people!

911 = The patriot act, NDAA, rendition, endless war over bogus reasons!
Littleton = The disarmament of America over bogus arguments!

Comment I almost choked when.. (Score 1) 74

I almost chocked when that pusbag Panetta started the histrionically absurd oral flatulence, bleating about "cyber Pearl Harbors" and the "destruction of our infrastructure"!

It's all just one more example of this government trying desperately to frighten it's citizenry as it has found that a terrified population will accept ANY abrogation of basic liberty and constitutional rights to "keep them safe"!

Comment Re:For lying us into a war... (Score 1) 230

Everybody, everywhere is a TERROR-WRIST!

Let's start putting them in FEMA camps for their protection! FEMA camps? why they're only for housing people during a "emergency", no? And the guard towers, electrified barbed/concertina wire fences is just to insure that the interned are "safe" no?

In the (future) land of the "free", "freedom" will mean that you are kept happily distracted while you are slowly and methodically herded into a slave labor camp where you will be kept medicated while you work for a Chinese company 12 hours a day, 6 days a week until you "retire" and are surreptitiously turned into cat food.

Just a joke?

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