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Comment Sorry, but I like it. (Score 5, Informative) 549

I'm tired to go to nice performances, including circus, movies, etc (i.e., most stuff that is funny in a dark room), and then people insists in get their big phones and tablets and turn on the bright screen in your face and ruin your experience, blocking your vision and spotting light in your eyes.

If people really used to just attend urgency calls, devices like this will be not required. For sure, probably doctors will be allowed to keep their devices. In case of fire, there are employees in the place able to make a call. Like in the old days.

Comment I gave up on KDE... (Score 1) 127

I was a KDE 2 and 3 user. Then, when the 4 craziness started, I waited until 4.5, something like that. But the "everything is a widget" idea is really weird. With the plus of several bugs, kdm bugs, app launcher bugs, systray bugs, sound mixer eating memory, and, at every minor upgrade, I had to clean up my configurations to get the new version working. If not enough, they announced KDE 5, and all started again.

I never liked Gnome shell. Not to mention all the removing-features-coolaid since 3.

So, I started to use Unity, from Canonical. Smart defaults: launcher at left; when you click in a launcher icon last used window is selected (click again to see all app instances); HUD; the simple notifications; very stable and polished; getting faster every new iteration without major drawbacks (16.04 is really awesome).

Now I can understand why Canonical sometimes follow their own way. They really provide polished and professional UX. Sometimes I disagree with some decisions (I really wish they keep working with Wayland), but in general, I really enjoy their products.

Comment Re:There is no "removing" of anything... (Score 1) 385

The problem is: there are no Apple frustrated customers. They're already saying it's no problem the lack of headphone, because if you want to record the audio, you can record from the ear plug (while we know that bluetooth quality is poor due double compression).

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