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Comment Re: The decline is due to ... (Score 1) 353

I cannot in any seriousness tell my data analysts they are going to use OpenOffice, they would laugh me out of the room!

Then you should stick with MS Office, you are the typical Microsoft customer. But for many people, Google Docs is good enough if you can live with a cloud application, and LibreOffice is good enough for people like me who want to stay in control of our data. Oh, and both happen to be free...

Comment Re:Needs to be put in context (Score 1) 302

Basically, the cost of cleaning up nuclear accidents is just 0.4 cents/kWh.

Congratulations for your explanation. The conclusion is that nuclear power is OK, as long as you don't live close to a nuclear plant. You have made the perfect case for "Not in my backyard".

Comment Good (Score 1) 90

My iPhone was stolen recently; I put it in "lost mode" as soon as I could, and two days later it surfaced 1'000 km (and 2 countries...) away. I would have been nice if it could have captured the thief's fingerprint. As long as this feature is only actived in "lost mode", I don't see legal issues.

I don't think that such a feature would have a great impact on how many stolen iPhones are recovered; however, it may reduce the number of stolen ones.

Comment Re:I guess there's one sensible solution to this (Score 1) 819

I actually require the tests for people that work with me. Drugs that effect mental processes... Effect mental processes. They impair judgement in my experience and make people unreliable.

Do you also test people for alcohol ?
In a few occasions, I had to work with alcoholics (and one time it was my boss...); they are the worse.

Comment Re:LibreOffice could use an eMail client (Score 1) 294

This might be a good fit.

Yes, but in order to be seen as a Microsoft Outlook replacement, LibreOffice needs more than an eMail client : it requires a good contact manager and calendar, and possibly a "to do" application and a note-taking application. And the ability to sync their data with your mobile phone.

Although I haven't used Thunderbird in a while, I remember why I gave it up : only the eMail client was good (and even excellent in some aspects), the rest was definitely not.

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