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Comment Re:retraining (Score 1) 226

The old ones will retire. The young ones will find something else to do. The ones that are too young to retire, but too old to be software engineers will continue driving the trucks we will still need because we aren't going to replace 100% of the trucks on the road with autonomous ones overnight. Just like the blacksmiths, buggy makers, and COBOL programmers that came before them that were replaced with something better.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 357

So I'm allowed to accompany any person committing a crime, so long as I'm filming it? Doesn't seem to hold water. The best I can tell, she was trespassing on Enbridge property, that makes her guilty of trespassing. And shutting down an active pipeline isn't a protest, aside from being a monumentally stupid idea, it is a crime.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 357

Care to provide any support for your claim that the pipeline is crossing Native American land? Best I can find is it crosses 1 mile north of the Standing Rock Reservation. (I mean, technically you ARE right, all of the land we are currently occupying was Native American land at one point. But I don't think that's what you are indicating)

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 357

Honest question. Is a bonafide journalist still trespassing if they are on someone else's property without permission. I didn't think a press pass gave them special privilege to go where they are not welcome.

Second question, again, honest question. What does it take to be a bonafide journalist? If I'm recording a video of some act with the intent of publishing it on youtube am I afforded the same protections that a "real journalist" would be?

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 2) 357

It appears that the government's position in practice is that if a journalist suspects the subjects he is reporting on may commit a crime, the journalist is obligated to report them to authorities...

I wasn't there, so I can't do anything besides speculate. Was she inside the fence with the people attempting to shut off a pipeline valve? (unrelated, don't do that. It's fucking stupid) Or was she standing on public property filming? One of those would make her an accomplice, the other wouldn't.

If the cops roll up on a bank robbery in progress and you were found in the building with the people doing the robbing I'd suspect the cops aren't going to let you go because you had a video camera and claimed you were making a documentary.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 357

Can't speak for the first one, but the second one, Deia Schlosberg, was caught trespassing with a group of individuals that were intending to "take matters into their own hands" but shutting off a valve on an in-service pipeline. (No matter your stance on the issue, this is an idiotic idea.) Here is one link. (Hard to figure out which ones are legitimate news sites, this may or may not be. When a website has a URL like "" I tend to do the opposite, but this one appears to be Reuters related.)

Comment Ah, memories. (Score 1) 552

"In this day and age, my phone is how I keep my memory,"

Really? I know people say this shit, but do they REALLY mean it? I'm a tech guy, I love my smart phone, and my cloud storage, and everything else as much as the next guy. I have been "guilty" of snapping a picture at a concert, but that's not how I remember the concert. Do people actually go through their phones to reminisce and re-watch the inaudible, grainy, shitty video they shot from 50 rows back at the Katy Perry concert? Need a memory, take your picture, then put your god damn phone down. There are people behind you watching a concert. (And then get off my lawn)

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