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Comment Re:Biometrics are not secure (Score 1) 421

Reliability is the big problem here.

Yes, somebody potentially could duplicate your fingerprint to use your gun, but it would be so much easier to just get a "dumb" gun, that it would not really be worth it.

However, this system malfunctioning (or if I forget to take my gloves off before firing) is a much bigger problem because when you need a gun, you really need it and fast,because you usually cannot ask the attacker to take a break, smoke a cigarette while you reboot the gun.

Comment Re: self-driving or assisted driving ? (Score 1) 186

Why being unable to see the lane markings is considered "driving blind"?

Some streets in my city are not marked at all, some have double markings (the street was widened, new markings were put in place, but the old ones are still visible) or the markings may just be under a layer of snow, but I can perfectly see other cars and the sidewalk.

I do not think that my boss would let me work from home or take the day off just because there was 1cm layer of snow on the street.

Comment Re:Sturdier cases = bigger explosions (Score 3, Insightful) 99

Removable batteries have to have protection circuitry built in the battery (AFAIK it is the law). Protection circuits that cut off power (sometimes permanently) in case of overcharge, overdischarge or overheat. Protection circuits that you can leave out when making the battery non-removable.

Here are the reasons I came up with why the batteries exploded:
1. Bad batteries - not very likely as the new (supposedly good) batteries still exploded.
2. Bad charger circuits leading to overcharge or overheat. The protection circuits should have prevented that.
3. Incorrectly set low voltage cut-out resulting in overdischarge. The protection circuits should have prevented that too.
4. Battery overheat due to being near some hot chip or other component. The protection circuits should have cut off power.
5. Battery case squished or pierced by some component in the phone. The double case of a removable battery should have prevented that. May have helped with insulating the battery from the hot component as well.

So your phone components really get only another sticker's worth of isolation.

Both the battery case and the phone case under the battery compartment is thicker than a sticker, at least in my phones.

Comment Re:Sturdier cases = bigger explosions (Score 2) 99

The phone needs to have a replaceable battery for two reasons:
1. To be able to replace the battery if it turns out that the battery is defective and prone to catching fire. If Note 7 had a replaceable battery, Samsung could have told the buyers to just bring the battery to the recycling center etc instead of shipping the entire phone in a flame proof box.
2. To protect the battery from the other phone components.

I use older phones that have replaceable batteries. The battery has a case tat is quite sturdy (I cannot bend it or push it in easily) and also the phone has an internal case, which means that when the battery is in use, it is protected by two layers of plastic: phone circuit board - phone case - battery case - battery - battery case - battery cover - outside.

Comment Re:This has to be the way it works. (Score 1) 365

Psychopath with a gun then. I know that if somebody was standing in the middle of the road aiming a gun at me (and not wearing the required uniform and signs that show him to be a police officer), I would not stop. I would either try to go around him or hit him.

Comment Re:The fringe cases are still going to be hard (Score 1) 365

The trolley problem, to me, is incomplete. If only strangers are tied to the tracks (if it was a choice between a loved one and 10 strangers of course I would choose to save the loved one), then I would do the thing that lands me in the least amount of trouble with the authorities (I do not want to go to jail for a stranger).

Comment Re:Syrian drones (Score 1) 155

Syria is backed by Russia in the same way.

Russia is backing the Syrian government. I am quite sure that they sould gladly allow the US to nuke, say, Raqqa or some other rebel held city, hell, the Russians would most likely help with their own nukes.

Though nukes are not the answer - contaminating the area for a long time is ineffective. Better use neutron bombs or poison gas, that way the still intact buildings can be left intact, while still solving the problem.

Comment Re:Syrian drones (Score 1) 155

When I read stuff like this, I get happy that this mentality was not present in WW2.

Just think - the Nazis occupy a city and stay there (maybe even strap a Jew to each tank - they are going to be exterminated either way, so might as well put them to good use). The Allies now cannot attack the city because civilians will get killed, they cannot even destroy the tanks because there are Jew children strapped to them. All the allies can do is to use sniper rifles to try to kill the soldiers or just politely ask them to "come out and fight". They cannot even lay siege to the city without providing food, water and medical aid for those inside.

Comment Re:Any decent QWERTY dumb phones left? (Score 1) 73

Because my Nokia Communicator E90 fits nicely in my pocket. Will I be able to fit a phone, the bluetooth keyboard and whatever support structure is required for me to be able to use it while standing? If I can somehow make a regular Android phone+bluetooth keyboard as convenient to use as the E90 that would be great. Oh, this contraption would need to be as durable as the Nokia phone too, I sometimes accidentally drop my phone from ~1m height.

Comment Re:wiki link (Score 1) 756

Free trade may increase economic activity, but the activity may only be profitable to large corporations and not common people (or it may be profitable for anyone).

For example, I would not like it if people from Belarus or Ukraine were allowed to freely move here, even if they did not get welfare. They would offer to work cheaper because they do not need a lot of money - if they save some money and go back home, they will be rich by local standards. The same thing my countrymen are doing in the UK.

I would not like to have my salary reduced (or be laid off) because an Ukrainian offered to do my job cheaper. Even though it would be more profitable to my employer.

Comment Re:wiki link (Score 0) 756

Well, let's try:

Open borders mean immigrants from poor countries going to yours just for the welfare. The EU has a similar problem, at least it used to be limited to the people from the members of the EU and not any country was allowed in.

Clean air may be good, but what would we need to give up for it? Our cars, our air conditioning? Pay much more for electricity? We would probably need to give up our freedom (to use cars, choose a less efficient device etc) for it.

Not having to worry about who's poor and who isn't?

Really? Hillary is a communist or at a very least a socialist? Or does she want to provide more opportunity for the rich to get richer while screwing the poor?

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