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Comment You can somehow do this. (Score 2) 229

I have a high-end camera, which you can program to put your pictures in different folders (you can increment the folder number with a very simple 3 button press operation), which is extremely handy to classify photos.

Another feature restricts playback to a single folder, rather than all the folders in chronological order.

It became very handy when I was abusively threatened with arrest unless I deleted the pictures I took of an abusive train ticket inspector...

Afterwards, I climbed the few stories to the transit authority headquarters to lodge a complaint against that inspector, who eventually got fired...

Comment Overload it. (Score 1) 85

Let’s just overload the system. Let’s have an application that requests 10 random websites every minute (but cut the connection as soon as 10 bytes come in, so to save bandwidth), 24/7. With 14,400 websites per day per user, the logs will quickly overflow, and it will become more arduous to snoop on people. Better yet, le 10% of those websites be questionable websites; when everyone is guilty of browsing questionable websites, no one is guilty of it.

Comment Overload it. (Score 3, Interesting) 359

Get a program that will load a thousand random websites every hour. When millions of subscribers will each load 24000 websites every day, the storage will quickly overflow, and if the ISPs feel the pain, they are better placed than John Q. Public to effect pressure on the government.

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