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Comment Re:Interestng trend in app development (Score 1) 84

On VMWare: I believe they have a working HTML5 replacement for the Flash client, in addition to the embedded host HTML5 client (replacement for the Windows client)

The bigger issue here is both of these things are still buggy and they're cutting off support for the not buggy C# client with 6.5.

Comment Re:An "app"? How about DVD's (Score 1) 84

I totally understand DVD is not a growth center and never will be again. I don't think its to much to ask that they replenish the missing disks to a series though or failing that at least remove the series from the library as it effectively doesn't exist anymore.

Its also kind of weird they developed an iOS app for this at all if its just a vestige of past.

Comment Re:Netflix Hasn't Forgotten About ... (Score 1) 84

Worse than this is at least some of the movies they have when they break/lose the disc they just don't replace it. There's a disc 4 missing on a series I wanted to watch that I placed in my saved section over a year ago. Why the hell would I want to start watching a show with no way to get the episodes on disc 4?

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