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Comment Re:Limit the birth rate? (Score 1) 267

Lets say we just keep shoveling food aid at the third world and they keep procreating. What will you do when their populations become unsustainable where they are? Do you then propose to spread them out all over the rest of the world? With the inevitable ethnic strive that will cause because the native population will have vast advantages economically and will be resented for it, while the third world immigrants take over control of the nations through the ballot box.

Do you see good things coming from this? Your way leads to a world drowning in blood.

Unless the singularity comes to save us first, which I kinda doubt.

Comment Re:Ten years, you say? (Score -1, Offtopic) 267

All this discussion of global warming and water resources is just preparation for white genocide.

This is all just laying the ground work for the argument that Europe (and Russia) that have to allow mass immigration from Africa, because whites are responsible for global warming and global warming is causing all the problems in Africa (of course population growth and their inability to govern themselves has absolutely nothing to do with it you racist!).

At the rate Africa is using it's ground water it's a non renewable resource, their coming massive water shortages have comparatively little to do with global warming.

Comment Re:How dows this make sense? (Score 1) 149

I would be okay with companies charging blacks more. If we as a society consider it important that the average blacks gets equal cost loans as the average white regardless of the fact that they on average default more then it's government's responsibility to make up the difference.

We shouldn't force the companies into pretending insane decisions are sane, insanity is not something we should strive for.

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