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Comment Re:Two different things (Score 2) 70

Explain something to me, even with first to invent and Zhang's patent being deemed a non obvious innovation. Doesn't the Berkeley patent then still stand on the more general use of CRISPR to edit DNA period? They were obviously the first to invent that, even though seemingly applying it to DNA from a specific cell is some incredible innovation. So wouldn't you need a patent license from both at this point to use CRISPR?

Comment The educated left strikes again (Score 1, Insightful) 147

"It should instead serve to highlight the ingenuity of past subsistence regimes that did not lead to forest degradation, and the importance of indigenous knowledge for finding more sustainable land-use alternatives”.

Brazilian's current population is larger than it was then and the standard of living they aspire to is higher. Jennifer Watling begrudging Brazilian's use of their natural resource to work themselves up, while living in Europe which our ancestors deforested long ago is retarded.

They don't wish to live as subsistence farmers did 2000 years ago.

Comment Re: Illegal Laws (Score 4, Insightful) 267

The line is drawn where the community draws it. If you don't like where they draw the line you either have to pick a different community, convince them to change their minds or accumulate so much power that you can overrule them. Whinging about natural law/rights has proven to be a very poor way of doing the latter. What works better is to be part of a tight nit minority and filling the media, judiciary and government with members of your minority.

Comment Re:Movies? (Score 1) 74

The audio-visual media is exempted. Supposedly because of the problem of publicly funded national TV. This is mostly an excuse, a targeted exception could be carved out for this. The media simply has a far better lobbying apparatus behind it, partly because of it's importance as a propaganda device.

Despite the huge amount of money concerned in video games they lack good lobbying.

Comment Re:Smoke Screen (Score 1) 834

If Trump only steals for himself he will steal far less than most other presidents ever.

A president making deals to get his family and himself into cushy post election jobs will cause far more losses. The ROI on good lobbying is immense, the lobbied get "paid" peanuts ... the companies make billions.

Comment Re:They already swallowed the pill (Score 0) 366

Why just climate change and chemtrails? I have a few more :

- Diversity is strength.
- Mass immigration can offset demographic decline.
- IQ is independent of race.
- Health outcomes of homosexuals and post op transsexuals only suck because of systemic discrimination.
- The need of global population redistribution in the near future to avoid mass bloodshed is completely because of climate change, population growth and fossil water depletion don't have a massively larger impacts.

Comment Few deny climate change (Score 1) 366

Most simply deny the denial of the global nature of the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age, deny significant CO2 forcing and are deeply skeptical about sea level change acceleration.

Acceleration doesn't show up on tide gauges we can check, of course it's a bit too noisy and sparse to say much on the shorter scale. Unlike satellites, which can tell us ... yeah, there was no acceleration before, but there is now ... really ... trust us. Nope, I don't trust you, sorry.

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