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Comment Re:Bullshit single mans opinion. (Score 1) 212

Not just that, if they were in the market for an iPhone, they'd have bought that in the first place. And I daresay the iPhone would be more expensive than the note.

Well, Bloomberg says that even Samsung believed they were direct competitors, because they supposedly rushed the Note 7 to market to catch buyers disappointed with the "boring" iPhone 7. So why shouldn't that work in the opposite direction?

Oh, and the Note 7 only cost $20 less than an unlocked iPhone 7 Plus - but has half the on-board storage.

Comment Re:Literally the very next sentence of TFS... (Score 1) 212

I did. It read

However, according to one analyst, that number could be even higher.

Nowhere in the cited passage that followed did it say anything about 1/2 of Note 7 users switching to the iPhone.

So what exactly makes you think that the numbers in the headline refer to the section you quoted instead of the section the other guy quoted, you know, the section that actually contains the numbers in the headline?

Comment Re:Um, no. (Score 1) 212

Causality breakdown detected.

It may be people spend less money on Android apps because they want to spend less money on the total package. If that were true, it would follow that they would never buy an expensive iPhone in the first place, regardless of the ecosystem or apps.

Yeah, exactly. Unless of course it's not that people don't want to spend money on apps, but that Android apps are mostly "free", so they don't spend much on Android apps. Or that people are only willing to pay for high quality apps, and that is why most Android apps are free.

Comment Re:Bullshit single mans opinion. (Score 1) 212

If they used a Note instead of cheaper Android phones, then they wanted the stylus and multi-pane Note features. iPhone7 doesn't offer those. They'll switch to Note 6, or one of the other stylus Android phones from other manufacturers.

"KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a note to investors..."

So it's just one mans opinion and he didn't think it through.

Well, "KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo" has a better track record than "Anonymous Coward". And maybe the reason why people buy phones aren't what Android advocates claim they are after all.

Comment Re:What does this even mean ? (Score 1) 365

There is no "knowing" at all. You're imagining choice in a computer controlled system like a fantasy entity, but in reality it is the programmers making a choice from sensor inputs, and the driver not acting to intervene. That makes them and Mercedes liable for killing people.

As opposed to a driver in the same situation. A situation that is your fantasy, where the only options are to slam into an object or not to break. Because AI cars in your fantasy can't break.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 202

Apple is going to eventually end up selling paper bags. And Microsoft is going to do the printing.

Now Samsung will quickly design and release SamsungBag(TM), releasing it month or so before Apple releases their reinvented iBag...

And it will be made of cheap plastic and explode 10 minutes after you received it.

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