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Comment Re:making thinner and more apple only service take (Score 1) 86

Apple is an appliance company now

Now? The Apple I was an appliance - at least compared to the kits other vendors sold. Which was the whole reason for its success.

And stop pretending that "Pros" don't want appliances - even more than other people they want to work with their tools, not work on them.

Comment Re: making thinner and more apple only service tak (Score 1) 86

The entirety of Apples hundred billion dollar success is down to producing gadgets for consumers. And, as you seem to insist, upon abandoning the 'Pro' market. Even though Apple forces 'pros' to use their platform to create content for their gadgets.

Now, when Apple chooses to open up and allow their iOS development tools to run on Linux or Windows machines, it won't be a problem. As it is, they're sorta shooting themselves in the foot as far as developer support.

Blahfoosle. The MacBook Pro, despite all the poopooing here by people who'd never buy an Apple anyway, is a huge success. In the "Pro" market

Comment Re:Reality and its bias (Score 1) 214

What does it say, then? "Thanks for proving that "new cliche" utterly true and in fact a fact."

Stalin, like a true leftist authoritarian, would be proud of you, not me, for trying to pass off this Orwellian doublethink. The only problem is you have no power, so it just comes off as petty bullshit.

It says what it says, not what you claim it says, you Stalinist pig.

Comment Re:Reality and its bias (Score 1) 214

And you deny that you said something that's a digital record of fact, like a good libtard: "Thanks for proving that "new cliche" utterly true and in fact a fact."

Clinton must be proud.

Stalin must be proud of you since that doesn't say what you claim it does. Yes, you are a true conservative like Stalin.

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