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Comment Re:More evil (Score 3, Informative) 229

Actually, it is MUCH more insidious than this.

Look at iBeacon or eddystone or equivalents.

Bluetooth beacons enable fine-grained location tracking, at 1/10 of a second intervals.

Retailers and others can place these in stores, track your location and behavior while walking through their store, and match it with a physical person at the register when paying with a credit card.

Comment I wish he would support it more broadly (Score 1) 120

Tim, I would like more control of my iPhone so I could assure privacy myself.

a few quick examples:

- Can I use my apple phone without apple knowing who I am?
- Can I block some apps from internet access at all times (not just over cellular)?
- Can I create/adjust my own content blockers?
- Can I have a firewall, bidirectional? Please?

Comment Re:Oh please (Score 1) 287

I believe the car is holding back SO MUCH stuff that folks using a smartphone is their only recourse.

The PC industry was based around a "screwup" on IBM's part - it opened the PC architecture. They tried to correct it (remember the PS/2 and OS/2 and the proprietary microchannel architecture?)

The rise of windows was based on this open architecture. Microsoft pushed to have PCs become a commodity so windows sales would be strong. (Read up on substitutes and complements - if peanut butter prices go down, jelly sales will rise).

I believe if the car manufacturers opened up their cars like the IBM PC and it's bus, put in *simple* plug-in slots or something similar for computer hardware, all kinds of crazy and useful stuff would come to your car. Imagine if you (not an installer) could change or add to your car stereo like plugging in a graphics card or sound card? (probably would work better like a rack - think smaller 19" rack mounting for audio equipment, except with standard interfaces in the back)

Comment Re:Yuck (Score 1) 302

store bought dough is disgusting compared to small effort to make your own cookies from ingredients you buy at a store...

Buy toll house cookie dough at grocery store.

take out of fridge, break along pre-cut lines into chunks and place on cookie sheet.

12 minutes later, hot chocolate chip cookies.

I find it pleasingly simple. Sometimes a little fiddling with mixing bowls or config files ends up eating your free time.

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