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Comment Re:Same as off line (Score -1) 161

I would argue that rage-energy is no more useful than venting. Your body is still in fight/flight mode and your rational thought processes are still impaired. Better than rage-energy is to learn how to not get angry in the first place, and solve your problems with clear rational thought. Sure, positive rage-energy is still better than negative rage-energy but ultimately a state of calm-mind is even better.

Comment Re:E-Vent (Score -1) 161

You are exactly right. It's like parents who tell their kids to beat up a pillow or something if they're angry, to let it all out. All that does is reinforce the anger-violence cycle, and does nothing to teach a child how to deal with anger. Anger is pretty much the worst thing for solving any sort of problem as it puts you into fight/flight mode and shuts down the thinking parts of your brain. I would go so far as to say this is an epidemic in global society/culture.

Comment Re:Oh thank god.. (Score 1, Insightful) 488

And why can't the city just let this one go?

Because people are punitive vindictive little trolls for the most part, especially when it comes to someone challenging their authority. It's the same reason why cops beat speeders, same reason why parents spank their kids. "How dare you challenge me?" is what their brain says. People think that doling out harsh punishments will somehow free them of their anger inside. Anger derived from a sense of loss-of-power, because their identity is based on power. To me, that's not true power at all. True power would be to rise above all that and act compassionately. You're powerful because you can inflict harm on another person? Nope, you're powerful if you can overcome yourself....

Comment Money/Fame != Success (Score 0) 335

I detest how America sees becoming rich and famous as the only measure of being successful. I have a good job, wife, and kids, and wouldn't trade them for all the money or fame in the world. In fact, I've had money, but now money and fame would make me miserable, and who knows what it would do to my relationship with my family. It's like how people win the lottery and it destroys their life. I would say you have not become successful in life until you have shed your desire for material things, ego gratification, etc... Money might buy temporary pleasure, but not true happiness.

Comment Re:VOIP? Router? (Score -1) 214

Why misappropriate hardware from your employer, when you probably already have the hardware you need in a box in the attic?

I doubt he was planning this. He probably just flipped out and killed her. Why did OJ kill his wife in such a sloppy way? Some people just aren't criminal masterminds.

Comment Re:Poor Science (Score 0) 323

All joking aside, what you're pointing at is part of the natural cycle of social cultures. Things like science and religion come in and out of fashion, just like clothing styles, but maybe on a longer scale. Soon religion will be dead, and then science will die again, etc..

Comment Simple (Score -1) 1162

Blu-ray discs and players are clearly superior to DVDs, offering more features and a better picture overall. So why haven't shoppers been impressed?

Because there is a limit as to how much quality normal people need in their life. It's like why we still eat rectangular loaves of wheat bread that people have been eating for the past 200 years. It's just "good enough".. I'm sure with lots of technology we could make really impressive bread, but for most people it just doesn't matter. Sure the bread connoisseurs might appreciate the fancy BluRay Bread but there are not enough connoisseurs out there to really justify a mass market for that kind of bread... Now I'm hungry.

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