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Comment Re:Jesus (Score 2) 111

And this is exactly why I don't enjoy being around some atheists. Just the same old proselytism, and vitriolic attacks on religion started by some interesting nature fact. You are just on the opposite part of the fundamentalist scale, with both being bat-shit crazy. You must be the soul of the party wherever you go....

Comment Wow (Score 5, Insightful) 1198

"No, not the straw man that all men are constantly plotting rape, but that we live in an entitlement culture where guys think they need to be having sex with girls in order to be happy and fulfilled." I really don't know where to begin and which line of thought should i follow when answering this idiotic sentence. From the meta-level fact that we as a species need to have sex in order to survive? From the evolutionary point of view, where lust is a mechanism of encouraging and rewarding intercourse? From the psychological point of view where the need for intimacy self-fulfillment and for high self-esteem is highly entangled with need of finding a partner? So "what the fuck is wrong with us?". Maybe the correct question is: "what the fuck is wrong with him?"

Comment Re:Not so easy to do (Score 1) 126

Absolutely true, but it does not explain everything. Talking as a psychologist, I can unfortunately report that this letter has some merit to it, and I can back it up with at least an example: Zimbardo's prison experiment regarding the psychological effects of being a prisoner and a prison guard have deeply changed the way we perceive group dynamics, in-group vs out-group processes and so on.

It is however impossible to replicate it, or do derivative work because the ethics guide of the APA forbid such treatment of individuals (except when torturing them for the "good of the country" - then APA has no problem sending psychologists to Guantanamo). Milgrams work on conformity would be another perfect example. The ironic part is that APA recently had a posting on their webpage celebrating 50 or so years since the groundbreaking experiment.

Many other experimental designs are also not possible due to strict ethic codes, though this was not the case before the 70-80s.

A bit of freedom is badly, badly needed and it does not involve financial aspects.

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