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Comment Re:Alternatives (Score 1) 476

homophobic attacks (like the one in Orlando) and so on.

This is why we're stuck with Trump. Because people don't bother to educate themselves before they start pulling shit from their ass about how Trump is going to protect them from the big bad boogie men from bumfuckistan.

The shooter at the Pulse nightclub massacre was born in America. Maybe measures to keep guns out of the hands of lunatics would have prevented the shooting. We're going to find out, by making it easier for the mentally unstable to obtain guns. Now, attempting to set fire to your living room couch to test its fire retardant properties seems a bit unorthodox to me, but I guess I just don't understand MAGA. I voted for the other gal.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 726

Nobody grows up wanting to be a plumber, what a shitty job... but its also a marketable skill, and will support you and your family, especially if you couple it with a strong work ethic and the drive to succeed. The job you want may not be available to you right now, but the job you need likely is. Those days may be numbered though, as every time people with no skills or motivation convince the world to pay them more for basically being present, it undervalues all the trades, making that livable wage worth that much less.

Oh, the old "if you pay people $15/hr to flip burgers, they won't want to be plumbers or EMTs or etc..." The work still needs to be done, salaries will go up proportionally, and in the end you've only really succeeded in deflating the value of your currency. ($15 is the new $7.25) Which is why raising the minimum wage doesn't fix the real problem: job scarcity.

Now, we get to why you're truly going to be fucked being a plumber. What jobs do you think are going to be sought after by all the transportation industry workers when automation gives them the pink slip? If you said "skilled trade/manual labor jobs", you win one great depression, redeemable soon at your hometown in America!

Comment Re:Of course... (Score 1) 84

While I do appreciate a user-replaceable battery, I certainly don't agree that a non-replaceable battery is purely, if even mostly a greed decision

Apple manages to make phones with a battery that can be replaced with a few simple tools, if the need arises.

The only reason you'd design a phone with the back glued shut is the same reason Briggs & Stratton sells an engine they claim needs no oil changes. I'll give you a hint, it's not because they love their customers.

Comment Re:What do you want to be ? (Score 1) 104

Bitcoin is a limited resource.

So are used pairs of Miley Cyrus's underwear, but you don't see people investing in those. Bitcoin's value is based on the same "bigger fool" dynamics which power pyramid schemes. As long as someone out there thinks they can turn around and re-sell it to someone else at a profit, the the scam keeps churning...

Comment Re:What do you want to be ? (Score 1) 104

It wasn't designed to do any of those things. The problem that Bitcoin was designed to solve was how to transfer value without needing to rely on a central authority.

Which it fails miserably at. Due to its volatility, unless you're a speculator/gambler, you don't want to hold Bitcoin. Which means you're going to pay to convert your fiat currency into Bitcoin, then you'll pay a mining fee when initiating the Bitcoin transfer, and finally, the merchant has to eat the cost of getting their Bitcoin converted back into fiat. The only people willing to deal with all that hassle are speculators and criminals.

Cryptocurrency is predominately a stock trading simulation that people play using real money. In other words, not much different than Las Vegas gambling. The difference is, no one is disillusion enough to believe that someday we'll all be getting paid in poker chips.

Comment Re:But why? (Score 1) 336

While I won't argue too strong, the main trouble seems to be that the Ds told the unskilled white workers the truth ( "Those jobs aren't coming back.") against the R's willingness to tell the people what they want ("I'll bring those jobs back to America.").

Yup, I was at a Clinton rally and her message was largely "We're going to make it easier to succeed - if you're willing to put in the effort." While you'd think that would resonate well with the "God helps those who help themselves" crowd, the reality is, they'd rather bury their heads in the sand and pretend their hours of labor are worth more than those of workers in China. Unless of course, you're a fast food worker, in which case you don't deserve a livable wage.

American exceptionalism - it's dog eat dog, all the way down.

Comment Re: Florida Senator: No Permit Needed For Driverle (Score 1) 131

Amazing. Yet another example of a state totally and thoroughly owned by big business.

My one question is - will Trump drop Florida into the Gulf for allowing Big Business to run roughshod over the population, or promote it to the nation's capitol - for the same reason ?

Central Florida is pretty much Trump's dream for a "Great Again" America, realized. We were draining swamps before it was cool. Thanks to the tourism industry, we've got plenty of jobs. Sure, they're soul-destroying, low-wage and you can't afford rent on them, but they're jobs and that's what counts, right?

If you've been paying attention, Trump only cares if your job is outsourced, sent overseas, or taken by a foreigner. Lose your job due to automation or Ray Zalinsky buying up your small town factory? Well, that's just good old American business. If you think there's something wrong with that, you're probably some kind of diaper pin wearing, socialist pussy who needs to go your safe space.

Warning: This post contains sarcasm

Comment Re:ecosystem lock in (Score 1) 191

I'd wager it's more the ecosystem lock in.

Yep. While most of the peanut gallery on /. is whining about headphone jacks and custom ROMs, to the average smartphone user it's simply a pain in the ass to switch platforms.

Most people don't actually enjoy learning a different OS, and hunting down and re-purchasing all their apps. To a person who sees the prospect of futzing with mobile technology to be about as interesting as watching paint dry, it's simpler to just buy another Samsung phone (hopefully, one that's less likely to explode).

Comment Re:No reason for it, Uber has $5million in their p (Score 1) 131

Finally someone who understands why ObamaCare fucked the US.

The ACA doesn't work because it doesn't make the rich pay their fair share. If you're going to accept that healthcare is a basic necessity in the USA (like K through 12 education, roads, military, etc.), then you make the rich carry a larger proportion of the burden.

Of course, the average Jane and Joe voter in this country buys into the "Politician X is a socialist and they'll take half your paycheck if you vote for him/her!" propaganda, so we're stuck with systems which don't work.

Comment Re:I feel sorry for you guys. No joke. (Score 1) 395

What are you doing about this? Personally, I mean. What are you thinking about doing?

Holding up silly signs and screaming into the void until you're hoarse accomplishes very little*, so I'm not participating in protests. In 2 from now years, I'll vote. In 4 years from now, I'll vote again. In the interim, when funds allow, I'll donate to causes I feel are threatened under a Trump adminstration. (LGBTQ equality, environmental conservation) Yes, it was a kick in the ass to see Trump win, but like the saying goes - what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

* Other than making lawyers rich. If the protest turns violent and you're mistakenly arrested, better hope you can afford the legal fees.

Comment Re:Hearts and Minds (Score 1) 232

In fact if you removed California, Trump overall received over two MILLION more total votes than Hillary.

Actually, California is underrepresented in the electoral college. If anything, California is treated quite unfairly by the presidential election system. Sorry you just don't happen to agree with the way their residents vote. There's an ever-so-slim chance you'll get your wish of "removing California" and they'll take their avocados and go home.

It's a shame you can't admit the truth just because you are blinded by rage...

Under Obama's watch I've been laid off, had to short-sell my upside-down home, and don't make enough at my current employer to afford adequate health insurance. I know better than most, why people found comfort in Trump's vision of an America that is "Great Again." But that vision is a mirage. A modicum of understanding about the workings of capitalism will tell you the president does not control such things. Already, Trump looks like a man who has had his hopes dashed.

When the better option (Sanders) lost, we voted for the status quo. You voted for change. Give it 4 years and we'll see who ends up more disappointed.

Comment Re:Hearts and Minds (Score 1) 232

It was many inner city voters that carried Trump to victory.

The major urban areas voted overwhelmingly for Clinton. That's why you're seeing protests in those areas. I live in the 'burbs and the closest "protest" is in downtown Orlando.

Conservatives would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to carry on being so blind as to what actually happened, to infuriate voters enough to continue to strive to vote against you... keep it up, it's people like you that pretty much ensure a second Trump term. If you really don't want that, best start thinking about how to talk up to people instead of down.

People like me did not intentionally create the situation which enabled Trump to win. We vote for the lesser of two evils and then cringe in horror as they do something detrimental to the country. A rail for the "Trump Train" to ride on was laid down each time a worker was laid off. A lot of us "evil" democrats actually believe you should be able to earn a decent living, achieve the American dream, go to your place of worship on your holy day, and responsibly own firearms. We just also believe you shouldn't have to trample the rights of minorities, in the process.

It's very unlikely Trump will accomplish much of what he promised during his campaign trail, during his first term. His chances at a second term are not going to hinge on the spite of voters against the other party, but instead, how well Trump's supporters accept his excuses for his inevitable shortcomings.

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