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Comment Fix (Score 0, Flamebait) 185

"Still, it's a normal design choice for a decidedly Pro-oriented device since there's no reason a prospective consumer wouldn't spend a few dollars extra cash for a dongle after spending upwards of $2,399."

I guess that story isn't as good since it doesn't make as many Apple haters foam at the mouth.

Comment Re:Enhanced bluetooth, and legacy standards (Score 2) 79

.... why is it a good idea to come up w/ yet another wireless standard when we have existing ones? Like if my rice cooker needs to connect to the internet, why not just use a legacy 802.11a chipset to let it link up to the internet at slow speeds? Do the things on the internet of things need to be high bandwidth as well, if they are not delivering intensive data, such as video data?

Wait until that rice cooker comes with an always on advertising screen. Won't happen? I can list out the gas stations I refuse to go to for this very reason. It's only a matter of time. Oh you want the one without advertising? Only Bloomingdales carries that, and it's a bit pricey.

Comment Re:We can date the jump into the U.S. in about 197 (Score 2) 335

What where the best and brightest US pathologists and epidemiologists doing for a decade?

Oh it was a weird time. There was so much politics around AIDS research, that it took forever for people to even accept the facts. Do you remember the HIV deniers? The people who insisted that HIV does not lead to AIDS, and that there was another cause? Congress was reluctant to spend any money on research, since they didn't want to be called out as helping gays. Researchers had to worry about how they presented their studies for fear of losing funding if they phrased things incorrectly.

Comment Re:No one should be blamed for the spread of virus (Score 1) 335

Bullshit. Your responsibility is to self-quarantine until you are sure that you aren't infectious. Otherwise, you're culpable for the people you infect. That jerk who comes to work with an active flu and infects the whole place should have to suffer with ten consecutive flus for that.

Except you are spreading the infection well before you show symptoms, and everyone at the office has probably already been exposed (whether they use that useless hand lotion or not.) So basically, learn about how viruses spread before hunting for witches.

Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 0) 163

This is the middle ground. Police won't be shooting at criminals. They'll be using less lethal means to do their jobs.

Define criminal. Criminal is anyone that the powers at be want to take out. That's quite likely to be anyone, like you, based on your political views or just not bowing to the magistrates. Police no longer serve the citizens. They serve those that have bought and paid for their services, though their political contributions. Forget serve and protect. That doesn't apply to you any more.

Comment Re:World domination has a cost (Score 1) 403

The USA spend about as much for "defense" than the rest of the world. This is a huge cost (of order 1T$/yr) that the main superpower is unable to let other countries cover in a way or another (say by buying USD for free). In the end being US citizen has a cost that translates in more work time, lower life quality than a couple of other countries.

Let's rephrase that. A huge part of the government's spending goes directly into the pockets of the boards of companies like Halliburton so that they can spend it in the middle east on ridiculous opulence like a hotel with a water filled lobby.

Comment Re:Forest of hands (Score 1) 552

.. holding mobiles and tablets. That is why I do not go to concerts anymore.

Interesting. I've never seen that at a concert, but I've only been to Killing Joke the last few years. Different crowds have different priorities. The people there felt privileged to hear a legendary band live, and were too busy listening to the music to fiddle with devices.

Comment Re:Confused report (Score 1) 55

The Reuters article lists other data breaches and malware infections at nuclear sites over the years, and notes that the IAEA director "also cited a case in which an individual tried to smuggle a small amount of highly enriched uranium about four years ago that could have been used to build a so-called 'dirty bomb'." At the isotope research center at the University of Toyama, the attacker reportedly compressed more than 1,000 files to make them easier to transmit.

This paragraph conflates separate, unrelated incidences, one of which has nothing at all to do with cyber attack. Why?

Viewer clicks.

Comment Testing (Score 1) 99

In todays bleeding edge market, no one takes the time to properly test their components before shipping to market. They want to get the latest and greatest into the hands of the customer yesterday. What ever happened to Underwriter's Lab? We need something like that for cell phones, tablets, etc. Refuse to allow a company to sell products that haven't been tested for safety. Nah, what am I saying. Those corporations own the puppets who are supposed to make these laws. Never going to happen.

Comment Re:Silly rabbit (Score 0) 813

Democrats tagline about being the party for the little guy is every bit as truthful as Republicans ideas about being the party of fiscal responsibility. They're both so full of shit that they could make billions in the fertilizer business. Lets be clear - all politicians today are there for their own personal enrichment and power. If you ain't the one who paid their bribes, you ain't getting anything back except maybe a form letter.

The difference between the parties is which industries pull the strings. For the republicans, it's environment destroying oil and people killing arms manufacturers. For the democrats it's entertainment, internet, and high tech. It's annoying when you can't get a movie in the format that you want, but that's still better than having a smart bomb dropped on your head.

Comment Re:Never again. (Score 3, Insightful) 210

My wife and I both bought the 6+ when it came out.

I'm on my 9th replacement unit. She's on her 7th.

Assuming that this story is correct, and the fact that most with the phone never experience the described problem, it is quite obvious that you are doing something destructive with your phones to get that many to fail.

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