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Comment Re:Necessary? (Score 5, Informative) 199

I am a pathology resident who has done about ten autopsies and from my limited experience I can say that this practice is absolutely necessary. The reasoning behind sectioning the brain is to obtain tissue for histologic examination (i.e. under a microscope). This is done to correlate clinical or radiologic findings with actual disease processes. A simple example would be a case of a small brain hemorrhage, where the radiologist thinks he/she sees some bleeding in a certain area of the brain. On autopsy, we can slice up the brain, take sections to be processed and placed on a glass slide, and actually look at the brain microscopically to confirm that there was indeed hemorrhage in the area of brain suspected by the radiologist. Also, brain sectioning/microscopic evaluation can reveal lesions or abnormalities that are not visible to the radiologist (i.e. early Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.)

Comment Re:Shut. The fuck. Up. (Score 1) 193

Jesus, I don't think I've ever seen so much rhetorical fellatio going on in a single summary. And I've read plenty of head-over-heels summaries here on /. You even managed to get in a dig on MS. Kudos. Your enthusiasm is at 11; we need you to bring it down to around 6.

Sounds like you should do the same thing.

Comment QBasic and Scorched Earth (Score 1) 718

Anyone remember 'Gorillas'? It came with some QBasic package that my dad was running on a 386. That also reminds me of 'Schorched Earth' which my brother and I would play for hours, flinging 'Death heads' at random off the bouncy walls to see how many AI tanks named 'Wilbert' or 'Deiter' we could smash into oblivion.

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