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Comment there is an *Evil* Torvaldis! (Score 1) 103

It's probably the most serious Linux local privilege escalation ever

The evil twin of Mr. Torvalds has been known to use Please and Thank you, and actively, as well, to wit:

"Now please, pretty please, with cherry on top, will you take your patch and take it out of my m*****ing kernel??"

He is working on the anti-kernel, as well, but that has been kept under wraps, until a proper EULA has been prepared.

Comment Parallels to *our civilization were strikingly sim (Score 2) 124

Except for a technological achievement that led to their utter and total extinction: the development of the Galaxy Note 7. If it weren't for the recall that is in effect today, we would have hurtled on toward our self-destruction. A disaster of Bibilical proportions.

Comment The solution is simple, really (Score 1) 84

Ya just gotta unplug Doctor's advice, after watching a hospital video on hypertension and heart disease, the so-called "Silent Killer"

And tell your friends to leave you voice mail or messages, like in the old days, remember?

Let 911 take care of real emergencies. Enjoy the unplugged life, or stay off-grid and under the radar

Comment HOWTO pronounce "spacemacs" (Score 1) 130

Why don't you just ditch vim or ditch emacs and watch the video that will tell you what you don't know! Let actress Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan and the whole 30Rock crew show you how to pronounce Dr Leo Spaceman's name.

90% after watching the video, will BEGIN TO GUESS how spacemacs is pronounced. The other 5% will guess correctly. 5% will just fire up their ridiculous GUI editor like Gedit or Kwrite to try and steer clear of a religious war, but you know what is happening in the Middle East is not over, because no one has any f***ing clue what :wq does, they think finding WMDs matters the most. So gtuess who's not there, it's BIG DUBYA.

Watch the video, then draw your own pronunciation. Then ditch emacs, because you just lost 22 seconds watching that stupid clip, and that's the time it took me to fire up my GUI editor, Slashdot, as long as there are no Unicode characters in this rant.

Video is actually jlBQqJh46_M

Comment Re:Already claims its first victim (READ TFA) (Score 1) 104

Normal police procedure is to draw a chalk outline where the homicide victim was found, and the chalk outline more or less depicts the position the victim was found (sprawled with arms outstretched, or dead when reaching for something, and they proceed to mark the position of bullet casings or whatever evidence is found near the body.

The evidence found near the body was his bicycle. You have to watch enough police shows or crime thrillers or Police Squad! movie marathons to know these things, to understand

Comment Put the Kardashians into space for less than $1B (Score 1) 250

It's an election year, and I guess people are voting with their wallets, or voting against the lack of choices or against bundling up/overcharging or going with Netflix or Redbox.

Those billions are going to be spent elsewhere, maybe less on this luxury, and there isn't any person going to be affected by my lack of sympathy. Corporations are out there to make money; I'm here still waiting for my 24x7 cindy crawford channel (apologies to Denis Leary)

Comment The perks of being a Russian dictator (Score 1) 277

Hello, my name is Vladimir Putin. You may have seen my face, usually on the evening news, but not to worry; most of what you hear is true. Especially from that Snowden. I was shocked when I found out that your government does a lot of --how you say it, "dirty work" or "dirty laundry"? -- without asking for any of our help in these matters; your government firmly believes they are experts in these matters. Personally I have this to say: In Soviet Russia, Snowden is welcome to stay and ski. And here in Soviet Russia we tell Clippy to take a fucking hike, back to Redmond on that Microsoft horse it rode in on. Would you believe I asked to be their spokesman? Can you hear me now?

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