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Comment Re:Not really new, folks... (Score 2) 83

Ah, man, I miss Bryce. I played with that program for endless hours in college, and made what at the time seemed like amazing images of things I couldn't have ever drawn on my own.

Actually, I've still got some of that stuff online:

It's dated now, but in '97 it seemed relatively impressive.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong (Score 1) 505

To clarify, it requires hitting enter.
Unless you hit enter first, then sometimes it requires a mouse click.
But if you click the mouse first, sometimes you have to hit enter.
Occasionally, after banging both the mouse and the enter key without result, you can fall back on Ctrl-Alt-Del to get it to snap out of it.

Am I the only one that has this problem?

Comment Re:Now put it to good use! (Score 1) 98

Yeah, came here to say that. We usually have ours on, and I can't seem to resist reading it. The frequency of errors and quirks is such that I've nearly started making a list of the worst ones. Any show from England tends to have "[indecipherable]" stuck in repeatedly, even when I would have said the language was perfectly clear.

One of my favorites was "read my copy of At Last Shrub" which turned out to be "Atlas Shrugged".

Comment Re:Right ... (Score 1) 98

I've taken to typing and saying "ducking" all the time anyway. Soon to be added as a new meaning in the dictionaries.

Those ducks, always up to something nasty.

I used to have an office that overlooked a river. I can't speak for all ducks, but the resident mallards ... yes, they were almost always up to those types of things.

Comment Re:WF is corrupt to the core (Score 2) 104

Aggressive retirement planning is admirable, but not if it's causing you day-to-day troubles. At least some small amount of emergency fund is advisable. If you're prone to overdraft, I'd recommend keeping part of that emergency fund in your main account, but then pretend like it's not there. For instance, put $1k in there, but then if the balance is $1,500, pretend it's only got $500. It could save a bunch of hassle and fees. Putting off retirement for a month or two or three to build in this padding might be worthwhile.

Comment Re:Right (Score 1) 326

You mean that we have the expectation that people we pay to work for us should, you know, work for us? What we need them to do? Yeah, I have to admit, we kinda do have that sort of expectation. Maybe we're wrong and we should pay people to update their Facebook status, twitter their latest dump and instagram the junk on their work desk.

I notice you didn't list Slashdot there. I've got to wonder what percentage of people having this discussion are posting from work.

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