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Comment Re:2 lines $90 or 4 lines $90 (Score 1) 84

Almost as bad as the ads I get from Charter Cable: "Get phone, TV, and internet for $30 each!"

So I call and say I don't want phone. Could I get internet and TV for $60?

Sorry, no, the internet and TV double pack is $80, or $40 apiece.

For that price I don't want the TV, either. How about internet for $40?

Nope, sorry, if you just want internet, that's $60. No matter that's twice the advertised rate.

I get the cost benefits of bundling services, but the pricing scheme is ridiculous.

Comment couple of things (Score 1) 52

I've lost the link, but someone recently mentioned an intentionally humorous duo who:
1) write a skit, perform it, and upload to Google
2) let captioning take its best stab
3) use the captioning as a new script, and re-record the scene
4) upload and re-caption
5) record a third time, with even weirder dialogue

Then they splice it all together, and you get to watch the degeneration of language as iterative captioning makes everything nonsensical.

My wife and I also tend to watch a lot of TV when the other wants quiet, so closed captioning is almost always on for all shows. The quality and consistency can vary wildly, and sometimes the mistakes are hilariously bad. (One particularly bad one I recall is "Atlas Shrugged" coming out as "At Last Shrub" and some other cases where a British show has about half of the dialogue listed as [indecipherable] even if it seemed clear enough to us). Occasionally, though, we'll get captioning that either relays something we thought was indecipherable, or even calls out something ("distant cry for help" or "creepy creak") that we couldn't hear/notice on our own.

Comment Re:work less (Score 1) 722

I've got all kinds of things I'd be doing/attempting if I didn't have to "work". Other than a few unfortunate windows I've had a day job for most of my adult life, and in those 20 years I've started 3 or 4 side businesses, created a computer game that I eventually had to sell due to lack of time, and wrote a couple of novels. If I had those 40,000 hours of day job back, I can't even imagine what I might have accomplished.

Comment Re:Harder Than It Sounds (Score 2) 490

I think you exaggerate the cost of moving. I suppose if you're assuming you're going to hire movers to do it all for you, that is indeed expensive. That's also why most employers aren't offering it.

  It's much more affordable if you go for one of the options where you pack and they ship in a semi trailer (ABF U-pack is just one example; Pods may be another if they're still around) I think you could move the whole family's house full of stuff for a grand. As a single guy I moved my stuff cross-country for $400, and when married without kids we shipped a household of stuff for $600.

That doesn't help with the interviewing side, but if you tell the company you're trying to move to their area anyway, they're usually not scared off by the prospect of flying you out for an interview.

Comment Re:lets look to the past (Score 1) 340

Is intolerance of intolerance (meta-intolerance) really the same thing as intolerance? Some are quick to call that hypocrisy, but others would say you need to be firm about allowing a tolerant atmosphere. There are similar arguments about violence: some say it's never acceptable, but others say it's acceptable when used defensively to stop the violence of others.

Comment Re:Bad Questions (Score 1) 180

Well, I think most people should know that even if there's a tiny village in their area named Paris, if they're older than about age 8, they should know there's a world-renowned Paris out there that it's named after. I personally grew up within a short drive of the cities of Versailles and Milan (pronounced ver-SALES and MY-lun, by the way), and if there was a time when I might have confused them against the European cities, it's so long ago I can't remember it. Also, if you're talking in the context of the capital of a country, you're even less likely to mix that up with your local crossroads.

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