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Comment Re:If they'd actually keep up their computer lines (Score 1) 116

I have used linux for twenty years. Slackware on 24 floppies, hours to install and then I had to add a floating point coprocessor, more RAM and a cache module. Cool. Worked like a dream after that. Satisfies just about all my computer needs.

Unfortunately, it won't keep those damn kids off your lawn!

Comment Re:I've said it before, without Jobs they're toast (Score 1) 116

Well, that's sort of true.

Jobs quit. He was not fired. However, after trying to have Scully fired, the board basically made him Senior Chief Executive Director In Charge of Nothing (i.e., a nice title but no real power or control over anything.) So after spending a few months getting his ducks in a row, he quit and started NeXT, taking various Apple employees with him and entering "the workstation market."

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 116

Q1 2017 (Oct-Dec 2016 for reasons only known to accountants)

A couple of reasons I can imagine:

  • End-of-fiscal-year means lots of work--more so than end-of-quarter. Not doing this during the holiday season isn't a bad thing for your accounting department.
  • Apple makes most of it's money during the holiday season--people buying computers, phones, watches, gizmos, gadgets, etc. So if a good chunk of your annual revenue comes in one quarter, it can be best to lead off with that quarter in the fiscal year because it will probably give you a better feel for what sort of revenue you can expect for the rest of the year.

Comment Re:Ah, minimialism (Score 1) 415

Esc has always been the equivalent of Cancel on MacOS [...]

I'm not so sure about that. Command-Period was the equivalent of cancel on MacOS. Heck, Macintosh and Macintosh Plus didn't have escape keys. It wasn't until the ADB keyboards came along that Macs had a keyboard with an escape key.

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