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Comment Re:I hate euphemisms.... (Score 1) 134

Let me know how "interesting" a Millennial's life becomes when their gig job doesn't pay medial or dental benefits, and an accident happens.

Well, it depends.

Remember that this is China. Socialized medicine. So, no, you don't have to worry about medical or dental.

Here? Might be a bit different--you'd better make sure you can work and still afford your ACA benefits. It's a similar thing with life insurance--if you feel it is important, you buy it.

The issue is whether or not your "gigs" can provide enough money so that you can afford to buy those things yourself.

Comment Re: Why not land on the moon? (Score 1) 297

Apollo 7 was the first manned test of the Apollo capsule. It was launched on a Saturn 1B, not a Saturn V. So the CSM had been tested in Earth orbit.. Furthermore, Apollo 8 was originally supposed to be a test of the LM in Earth orbit. However, because the LM was not ready, Apollo 8 and Apollo 9 missions were essentially "swapped."

Apollo 8 was the first manned test of the Saturn V. There had been several tests of the Saturn V before Apollo 8, however there were plenty of issues. NASA tested some of their fixes before the flight of Apollo 8, but never on actual Saturn V. So, in many ways, Apollo 8 was riding on an "untested" Saturn V.

Comment Re:Your milage may vary (Score 3, Interesting) 148

I personally am much more suited to working in office and can never get anything done at home [...]

I'm the same way. My solution was simple: Go get an office.

There are lots of options for people who don't want to work from home. Personally, I went for the "Executive Suite." I get an office with a window and decent Internet for a little less than $600 per month. There's also a community kitchen and photocopier. It came with a desk and chair--nothing fancy--but I'm not paying extra for them (i.e. I didn't rent a furnished office, they were left by the previous tenant). Needless to say, the company provides the computer and router. I can sit and video chat or IM anyone I need to get ahold of.

Other options are your local coffee shop or co-working type places. While the company I work for doesn't assist me in paying for the space, some will. Also, as I understand it, I can write off my rent on my income taxes.

While the commute from the bedroom to the spare bedroom or living room sounds cool, I like keeping them separate. But my office is about 4 miles from where I live. I can bike, drive, or even walk!

Comment Re:Dams, too (Score 1) 240

I can assure you that most of the issue was due to the FAILED Primary Spillway not being maintained. The topover caused by the failed spillway was fully preventable, had the DWR and ACE and the rest done their job the last 7 years.

Hear hear! Of course, their budget was cut so they didn't actually have the money to maintain the spillway, but hey! That doesn't matter! They should have been maintaining it anyway! Out of the goodness of their hearts!

I mean, they're public servants, right?

Comment Re:I don't see the problem. (Score 3, Interesting) 660


I agree with the concept of the H1B--it allows US companies to recruit top talent from around the world. But I have a hard time believing that there are 65,000-85,000 people a year who fit that description. Heck, "Operation Paperclip" only brought in 1500 people and we started a space program with that!

Submission + - Let a Robot Carry Your Stuff

R3d M3rcury writes: Have you always wanted a lackey who will follow you around and carry your stuff? Well, Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) may have the next best thing: Gita, a cargo-carrying robot. From TechCrunch:

It can follow a person, or roll autonomously in an environment it has already mapped. At 26 inches tall, the Gita can carry up to 40 pounds at a time and has a maximum speed of 22 miles per hour, so it can keep up with a person on foot or riding a bike. It can run for about 8 hours of continuous use, the company said.

In the next six months, Piaggio Fast Forward plans to run pilot tests with Gita on different college campuses and in towns in the U.S. The company is not thinking about delivering burritos or groceries, so much. It envisions the Gita assisting maintenance, gardening and custodial workers, and others who must cart heavy things around to get their jobs done on a given day, especially at resorts, senior living and school campuses.

So if you're in the Boston area for the next six months, keep an eye out for one of these.

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