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Comment Re: No (Score 1) 328

At the rate things are going, in 50 years time, most of the educational curriculum will be trades after grade 7. Kids aren't going to need to learn computing unless they want to focus on that or have an aptitude. Likewise with math or any of the sciences. There will be a strong focus on applied languages and history.

Comment Re:Groping (Score 1) 394

This entire election has been about increasing his profile. He wins; he gets to be in a better position to manipulate the system towards his ends. He loses; the next season of apprentice is going to kill in ratings. Either way he stands to profit from it, at the cost of everyone else. I doubt he ever cared about winning in the first place.

Comment Re:Whatever else needs to be said, (Score 1) 116

I miss the days when politics were stuffy! All of a sudden every lunatic with a beer can collection in their front yard has an opinion and the politicians are trying to appeal to those folks instead of the practical people who followed politics pre-internet. This election has become a circus act because the people who want to see freaks have started lining up to pay for admission.

Comment It works for me. (Score 1) 982

I have found the OS runs faster, the interface is clean and functional, less error prone than previous OS's. The privacy issues are alarming, but research and a quick run through the settings resolves most of those issues. I am running 10 on my gaming/general use system, my creative system still uses windows 7 (mostly because I can't be arsed to research where incompatibilities might still lie with my specialized hardware). I wouldn't be too worried about upgrading unless you are running specialized hardware or need compatibility for specific software.

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