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Comment Re:Vigorous debate? Surely you jest (Score 1) 521

I think you're agreeing with my main premise.

The details matter. I have a libertarian bent, so what I responded to was when you said this: "That's what needs fixed, not putting businesses in charge of the markets."

That's a Big Government idea. Also, Republicans, traditionally, have not been very libertarian. Neither have Democrats. It's just that now the "progressive" left has won so many battles that they've gone batshit crazy with their authoritarian identity politics that they make Republicans look libertarian even on social issues.

Comment Re: Release it with source code unde GPL (Score 1) 237

You just listed pretty much the TOTATILITY of the internet infrastructure that's NOT GPL

There's more, but what I listed was a significant portion of Internet infrastructure, in contradiction to your ridiculous claim that GPL "has given us the infrastructure for the entire internet". And for somebody that claims experience, you also don't seem to understand that the Internet was around and flourishing before there was even a GPL operating system, or that the rise of Linux was partially an accident of history due to the legal tangles of BSD with AT&T.

No, the blackduck study clearly shows that, although GPL popularity has declined somewhat in recent years it was still the most popular license by a massive margin.

You made a claim about the "GPL-family of licenses". When you compare the permissive family (BSD, MIT, and Apache) with the GPL family, the permissive licenses come out on top. Developers are choosing permissive over GPL, even in your preferred study. If I go with the GitHub study GPL isn't even the most popular license, period.

And the point is - you accuse me of living in the past, while ignoring that we were discussing HISTORY - you know, the past.

No, we are discussing the present day breakdown of license choice. Your claim was about the present, which includes old history and recent history.

(of my 6 projects there only one is active - so by your reasoning we can divide it by six)

What the fuck? Don't assign your sloppy and muddled reasoning to me. If you have concrete numbers, like I've been asking for all along, then provide them. You don't.

Comment Re:Make America Great (Score 1) 619

Instead, Assad launched a chemical weapons attack on Ibdil, making it impossible for Trump not to respond. One could hardly imagine a stupider Syrian response to what was essentially a peace gesture.

Which makes the whole thing suspicious in the first place, just like when Syria supposedly launched a chemical attack after Obama drew his "red line" against chemical weapons.

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