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Comment Re:Is this San Francisco "offensive" or the real k (Score 1) 139

What is "offensive" is defined by the companies who are paying Google to place their ads.

It's defined by the "progressives" that whine the loudest when somebody speaks out against one of their pet causes. The social justice warriors of today are the same breed as the religious right from 20-30 years ago. If these companies had any business sense or corporate responsibility, they would just ignore them instead of trying to appease them.

Comment Re:It's all a simulation (Score 1) 167

Bells theorem rules out local hidden variables (that is variables that are in the game but are not coupled to you the observer) but it allows global hidden variables to explain all spooky action at a distance by means other that quantum entanglement. that is to say it's what should happen in any simulation in which you are part of the simulation too.

There's a difference between what we observe in quantum mechanics and a classical simulation using global hidden variables, and that's the no-communication theorem.

Comment Re:Why put MSCs in your eyes to begin with? (Score 4, Interesting) 108

Sure, but these women had macular degeneration and were going blind anyway.

They had enough vision to read and drive. There's no guarantee they would have gone completely blind, or at what rate they would have lost their vision. And they paid $5,000 for the privilege of going blind while being irresponsibly injected into both eyes instead of one. All while thinking they were taking part in legitimate research, because the "study" was advertised on a government site.

The whole thing is a horror show of profit-seeking irresponsibility.

Comment Re:Google as gatekeeper of truth (Score 1) 429

Five minutes of searching, but I guess you missed references like this one:

"This data base uses the partially preserved Death Books (Sterbebucher) of Auschwitz Concentration Camp prisoners. The 46 volumes of political department (camp Gestapo) record the deaths of almost 69,000 prisoners who were registered in the camp and who died between July 29, 1941 and December 31, 1943. Their names have been entered in the data base.

Limited number of records

When using the data base, please remember that the death certificates cover only registered prisoners who died in the period mentioned in the previous paragraph. The overwhelming majority of victims, mostly Jewish, perished in the gas chambers immediately after arrival, without being entered in the camp records, and without their deaths being noted in the German documents."

Comment Re:The real problem is ISALM (Score 1) 289

What you seem to be suggesting is that anyone who tells you what to do is acting as an authoritarian.

Yes, I judge people by their actions, not whether they follow some loose left/right ideology with a basis in monarchy versus republic. What does a monarchy versus a republic have to do with the idiot leftists in Berkeley? Pretty much nothing.

Now what does somebody who wants to control what others can do have with authority? Pretty much everything. They consider themselves arbiters of what should be allowed. They are setting themselves up as authoritarians. That they claim to be anarchists, anti-fascists, or leftists, none of that shit matters when it comes to their authoritarian tendencies.

Comment Re:What a crock of BULLSHIT! Cherry picked at that (Score 1) 289

Almost. He didn't replace the Jewish law of the time and did mention the numerous ways to deserve to be punished or burned in hell in his sermons at the mountains.

He didn't replace the law, but he explicitly said not to resist evil, give Caesar his due, etc. And as you say, the harshest punishments were to be passed down in judgment after death. No examples of Jesus stoning people, etc.

I think it would be fair to say that the later followers of Muhammad took what is basically war instructions and war time legislation and adapted it to the base of the law in their belief system

More like Muhammad went from a peaceful footing when he was weak to a wartime footing when he was strong, expanding his rule through conquest, along with being an authoritarian. He turned into a violent tyrant, and his followers continued in his tradition.

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