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Comment Re:I'm as usual torn in this case (Score 1) 186

On a personal level, which has nothing to do with his business.

It has everything to do with his business. That's his history, running criminal enterprises. That he's a fat piece of shit just makes him easier to scorn.


No, based on evidence and using common sense.

There's evidence of every company that stores or moves bits at some point discussing the use of their platform for piracy.

It went beyond that.

Yeah I will by ignoring what you say from this point.

Of course you will, because your argument is indefensible. You're defending a parasite with a criminal history.

Comment Re:I'm as usual torn in this case (Score 1) 186

So if you don't know which is which I urge you to get a clue followed by some perspective.

I urge you to cut the bullshit. You already acknowledged he was a fat shitstain. You ignored what I wrote and made some shitty analogies instead. His site wasn't just a neutral download site. It was a thin veneer for piracy, and there was evidence to back that up via internal email. That's what fat shitstains do.

For all your huffing and puffing about artists, this guy was nothing but a parasite.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 3, Insightful) 879

Actually I think her first response should have been to knock out his teeth.

And then his response would have been to justifiably knock her ass out and have her thrown in jail. Yeah, yeah, "hyperbole". It's "hyperbole" like this that tries to justify people getting punched in the streets while giving interviews and others being assaulted for going to a Milo talk.

Comment Re:Why not blame the manufacturer? (Score 1) 260

It doesn't matter if that MP3 of Taylor Swift gets mildly corrupted (might even sound better that way, zing), but it very much *does* matter if that bank account gets a flipped bit.

Sorry to rain on your popular-bashing parade, but ordinary people actually do important things with their computers besides listening to music.

Comment Re:I'm as usual torn in this case (Score 1) 186

The former for all his character flaws has actually provided people a product that had a need, an improved it along the way. The latter exist solely to skim money from the middle of artists and consumers by artificially limiting supply and then suing customers.

Which is which again? Because the fat shitstain was profiting from artists without paying them at all. The "product" he provided was a thin veneer for a pirate site.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1) 505

I meant they didn't profit personally while in office

But they did, while Hillary was Senator and Secretary of State. But you've turned a blind eye.

Not everyone who plays the game but says they'll try to end the game in office is lying.

Hillary lied and played the game as Secretary of State, but you turned a blind eye.

but she said she'd try to get rid of the PACs I don't see any reason to doubt her.

Thanks for the laugh.

When the playing field is slanted it's not discrimination to give a hand.

Sorry, I'm not interested in playing the Oppression Olympics.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1) 505

I'm not saying that Clinton was perfect, I'm saying she was a normal politician.

You claimed the Clintons didn't profit personally. You were astoundingly wrong about that and turned a blind eye when cited evidence was provided.

if anything she might be slightly better

More of your blind eye and double standards. The Clintons are near the top of corrupt politicians.

since she was trying to get rid of super PACs

Give me a break. The Clintons didn't give a shit about the corrupting influence of money in politics. They unabashedly played that game their whole career and profited immensely from it, both politically and personally.

really do think there was a subtext of sexism

What's sexist is playing the gender card.

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