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Comment Re:Redefining words so we can make a "discovery" (Score 1) 126

Another thing is that, "in the vulgar/common language of English speakers", you call it "Australian Continent", which is WRONG (main island is in one continental platform and some of its islands are in others).

Australia is both a continent and a country, and each of those contexts refers to slightly different sets of land-masses. A country can be spread out over multiple continents, like Denmark (+Greenland) and the U.K. (Great Britiain + various territories such as the B.V.I.), and a continent can be spread over multiple tectonic plates.

Comment Re:Too lenient (Score 1) 188

People who are charged with uploading songs, movies, and academic journals to the internet (with no financial gain to themselves) are threatened with decades of prison time and absurd financial penalties.

People are "threatened" all the time with ridiculous penalties for all sorts of crimes, it's what happens to "cut a deal" so they can avoid the expense and bother of a trial, but I've yet to hear of the person actually serving a 30-year sentence for just sharing some songs on the Internet.

Comment Re:SWATing needs serious consequences (Score 1) 188

Try telling that to the family of somebody killed in a riot.

I'd tell the family that I as sorry for their loss, but if they pressed the issue, they would have to be told that removing basic constitutional protections cannot be justified by such a situation. The 'grieving family' has been the tool to justify a number of bad/harsh laws. It's on the same level as "think of the children."

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 913

but anti-zionist is generally a cover for being anti-Jewish. After all, just about everybody else has a "homeland".

Because they kicked someone else off their land to get a homeland, and each week they're kicking more people off their land to expand their "homeland."

Claiming a homeland is great if you can find land that isn't used, or the residents want to give it to you. And no, it doesn't matter if your ancestors had that land at some point. That doesn't matter one fucking bit, and gives you zero, absolutely zero claim to the land. Which is why Israel is quickly becoming the "rightful" owner of its 70-year old lands.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 913

The new anti-Jew sentiment is called anti-Israel so they can claim they are still for freedom or religion and not racist

No. That is bullshit. The friends of Israel like the ADL have been trying for years and years to conflate criticism of Israel with criticism of Jews, so if you criticize Israel's political positions and actions, then you are guilty of antisemitism. That is nonsense. I can be perfectly fine with Jews while disliking settlements displacing Palestinians, land grabs, and the like.

Comment Re: Has he been invited to the white house? (Score 1) 913

That doesn't match with the president's strong support for Israel, although it does fit your personal narrative, presumably that old white male = evil.

Steve Bannon is anti-semitic, which is why he supports Israel so strongly.
The Alt-Right was founded on the notion of the USA being a white ethnostate, so job one is encouraging the Jews to emmigrate to Israel.

Comment Re:So much for that Trillion or so that Obama Spen (Score 1) 240

video of them calling me racist when I pointed it out.

Convinced me to NEVER vote DNC for the rest of my life because of that.

So when you called out your local officials for the bike lane, they said you were racist for asking them (the local officials) why they weren't spending money more wisely?

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