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Comment Re:Left (Score 1) 535

It isn't the Republicans that used the Federal Government to forced Ecuador to silence a vocal critic of the party's candidate.

It isn't? Are you sure? What proof do you have? The same amount of proof that you had that the Democrats forced Ecuador to take Assange offline? IE, you have no proof at all?

Ecuador's actions are reasonable from a neutrality point of view. It doesn't want to be on Trump's side or on Clinton's side. Assange has been vocal in his desire to see Hillary go down, and Ecuador does not want to get drawn into that. If you have a houseguest who embarrasses you with prank calls, you yank phone access if you don't kick him out.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 535

but a colluding media

Colluding media? The media gave Trump everything he needed. He would say some wild, half-assed thing and they gave him all the exposure he needed.
Trump would not have gotten anywhere were it not for the media which were falling over themselves to cover whatever he said or posted to Twitter.
It was like a horrifying, RL version of Bulworth.

Comment Re:Great Point! Evidence lacking (Score 1) 535

Trump was labeled anti-Hispanic because he wants to close the border with Mexico and correct the illegal immigration issue (uh oh, I used the bad phrase)

Trump was labeled anti-Hispanic because he said that the people coming from Mexico were rapists and murderers, and maybe a few of them were ok. He was also labeled anti-Hispanic because he said that a US citizen of Hispanic descent couldn't possibly be impartial.

He talked about Obama's birth certificate which somehow landed him as a racist but ignores the Hillary camp who ran the same story before Trump

Hillary never ran with that story. Not at all.

The story was created by a former Clinton volunteer who sent a chain email when Obama overtook Hillary in the primaries, and we have no evidence that Hillary ever ran with it or repeated it. Only another of Trump's baseless, factless assertions. You could say that since it came from someone who used to volunteer for Hillary that Clinton is responsible, but that then opens you up to every candidate being responsible for everything that any staffer or any volunteer or worker or supporter ever says, even after they leave the campaign.

I won't even bother with your attempt of trying to paper over clear cases of sexual assault. That's just disgusting, and everyone on the conservative side was right to distance themselves from him.

Comment Re: Minefield (Score 1) 535

Every countries citizens have the right to decide what other countries citizens are allowed into the country and what vetting requirements are required to allow entry and how long they are allowed to stay.

Not according to the immigration activists I've talked to. Many of them truly, openly believe that it's a human right for people to live wherever, whenever they want, crossing whatever border they need to to get to where they want to settle. For them, border control, immigration policy, etc are crimes against humanity. Some of them don't go quite that far, but will still treat "the family" unit's considerations as overriding the will of the country -- IE, no breaking up the family to send an illegal immigrant back home. Agriculture companies (there are almost no 'family farms' left) don't have those philosophical leanings, but they look the other way because they love being able to pay 3rd-world wages in the United States.

That's what you're really up against.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 535

Move over to Hillary? Why? Because her political plank issues don't match you in any way, BUT AT LEAST SHE SUPPOSEDLY HASN'T EVER TOLD A SEX JOKE!

Dropping Trump does not mean you suddenly become a Hillary supporter.

Basically if you drop candidates over a single issue, you have NO candidate in very VERY short order.

At what point does this view break down?
"Well, we know that he wants to start a nuclear war with Russia and China, but hey, that's just one issue, and I agree with him on abortion and tax policy so... I guess it would be dumb just to drop him over one issue, like that 'nuclear armageddon' thing."

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 535

Remember, Bill Clinton, who is a known rapist - and not just statutory, I mean actual beat her, chew her face, rip off her clothes type rapist

Lol. You guys are funny.

But you know, every time I think that as a society we've gotten smarter, folks come out during events like this election that convince me otherwise.

Comment Re:Diversity Bullshit (Score 1) 535

They're not even interested in diversity of race. Do you honestly think that SJW's are going to push for more "diversity" at black-owned companies that only hire black people? Methinks the Cubs will win the World Series before that ever happens.

The Cubs are the favorites to win the World Series this year. >_>

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 881

"Puritan work ethic" is what built our current farm productivity and infrastructure, but it's gone. It has not been in evidence in the majority for a couple of decades at least. People will not work for next to nothing. They'll work if it makes the difference between a concrete block apartment and a nice condo or place in the suburbs in the yard, but that's not a work ethic, it's pure selfishness. We'll do a lot better as a society if we count on people to be self-interested than we will if we count on the continued after-effects of Puritanism, which have been on the wane for a long time.

When the Puritans were actually around, the "puritan work ethic" was necessary to keep from dying under the harsh New England winters. It was a survival tactic.

Comment Re:Man, I hate to defend MS . . . BUT . . . (Score 1) 185

I more than half suspect that the problem is coaches such as Mr. Belichick (not having grown up on a continuous diet of technology) either don't know how to effectively use the technology or (more likely) expect the technology to do a better job of implementing the "dwiw()"* function.


* dwiw() - Do What I Want (null function - a return code should be unnecessary)

From the summary, it sounds very much like he hates the problem that most computers and handhelds and tablets and apps have these days -- they are slow. They are unresponsive. The contact databases that are slow. They connect to networks that are overloaded and are slow.

These are devices used under circumstances where instantaneous response is not an reasonable demand. If every operation is.. is.... is........ connecting... connecting, syncing, please wait... yeah, I would want to throw it against the wall too.

Then pair that with the environment, where the devices are given to them at game time, a high-pressure time when you can't debug them, yet that's the only time they could be debugged, and you have a recipe for failure.

Comment Re: Does anybody ... (Score 1) 473

Or maybe they would get mad at Congress because Congress is responsible?

If the President started a staring match with Congress and Congress didn't blink, then people would blame the person who started the staring match. Or, put another way, it would be framed as "the President made the reckless decision to free all these people, imperiling our safety, and Congress scrambled to reduce the damage of his mistake." That would be pretty difficult to defend against.

Comment Re:surprising coverage on slashdot (Score 1) 356

Why is slashdot covering a story on how a reporter is being treated by the state? There is nothing high technology in that. There is nothing high technology about protesting construction of an oil pipeline, unless some robots were protesting. This story shouldn't be here.

It's Network Decay in action. The same reason why the Sci-Fi Channel started airing professional wrestling. 18-24 year old males like Star Trek, and 18-24 year old males also like professional wrestling. Therefore, in an effort to make the channel appeal to MORE 18-24 year old males, start showing wrestling on your Sci-Fi Channel, even rebrand it to Syfy to show how much you're branching out.

Slashdot is the same way. Newer viewers (and I really noticed this happening when Jon Katz started writing his tangentially-related Columbine Massacre articles here) like to pretend that Slashdot was "News For Nerds, Stuff That Matters" as if that comma was big OR. But it wasn't. It was a tech-related website. Then the occasional politics-related story crept in and editors noticed it would get a lot of views and a ton of comments! And the slide began, and it still continues.

Comment Re:surprising lack of coverage (Score 1) 356

James O'Keefe

James O'Keefe? The same guy who lied about ACORN? The guy who lied about NPR? Who tried to punk Abbie Boudreau?

A guy who wants to be the Michael Moore of the right is not someone we should put our trust in.
There's only so many times you can cry wolf before people get skeptical of whatever you say and want corroboration before printing it as the truth. "The Press" was severely embarrassed when they ran with his NPR story without verifying it, and they looked like idiots for doing so. No surprise that they might be gunshy about getting burned a second time.

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