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Comment Re:Sounds good (Score 1) 57

Target has already had a 19% decline in stock price this year alone... If i was a stock holder i'd be questioning why they are spending all this money to install solar panels and not trying to improve there profit by selling their retail goods.

Target and Walmart and other companies of their size are looking for the long-term benefits of solar. Solar pays for itself after several years, and it gives predictable energy costs that won't fluctuate with federal, state, or global politics for long-term planning. If you're a stock holder in a company that is only planning for their next quarterly or yearly profit update, it's time to sell.

Comment Re: Wrapup phrase should read (Score 4, Informative) 57

yeah if u live in Arizona or Florida. not so good for northern states

The myth that solar only works in southern states was debunked years ago. There's plenty of sun in northern climates to make solar very efficient. The country with the most installed solar capacity in the world, Germany (~32,000 MW), has a nearly identical climate to most northern US states (e.g. four full seasons, clouds, rain, snow, mountains, valleys, forests, etc.).

Comment Re:What makes games fantastic is playing alone (Score 1) 59

No, what makes games fantastic is that I can escape into a fantasy world for a while and not have to deal with the real world, which includes other humans.

I gotta disagree. I am 30-something gamer and my best game experiences have and continue to be playing with my friends online, many of whom I knew in real life before gaming with them. We chat on Teamspeak and my interactions with them, often augmented through the game we are playing, is more reward and memorable than anything I do in a game.

I can't be the only one that hates multiplayer games with a passion. I think they are lazy money-grabs (no need to have story or any real content, just provide a few arena's and let the users provide the 'content'). They are cheap to make and can be milked almost indefinitely.

You probably aren't the only one, but I play almost exclusively multiplayer games for the reasons I stated above. Also, some of the best games are ones that give simply give a balanced arena where individual talents and skills can shine. Rocket League for example is a fantastic award-winning game, which my friends and I have spent countless hours playing, but the core game (soccer with rocket-cars) is a very simple arena-style play.

Now, that doesn't mean I give two-shits about viewing random asshats on Twitch... I'm just pointing out that for many people the social aspect of games is critical.

Comment Re:Steam is DRM. (Score 1) 99

It also provides convenience and discounts and the slowly growing only alternative PC gaming platform to Windows.

I have an old account with a lot of games but I can't help pointing out the irony of tooting your DRM free horn on Steam forums.

On the other hand, one could credit Valve/Steam for creating a very popular, legal market that makes it much easier for game publishers to choose to go non-DRM.

Comment They claim the AI Doom marine ducked ...WTF? (Score 1) 170

The last second to last sentence of the article says, "...the developers claim that their AI won one of the competition games by learning to duck and therefore making itself much harder to hit." What version of Doom are they playing? As a teenage I played countless hours of Doom 1 & 2 and I don't remember a duck/crouch button.

Comment Re:This could be the start (Score 1) 294

Part of me thinks the judge made this somewhat out of the box ruling with the intent to push this issue that patent trolls waste millions of dollars on up the court system and see if the Supreme court can make a more universal judgment/precedent. But it begs the question, is the Supreme court technically savvy enough to understand the details of software coding and development?

Comment Re:Dumbass effect + solar roadway alt. uses (Score 1) 163

Now you're changing the argument, but OK I'll go along....

1) If you're going to do real-world testing with a public infrastructure technology at some point public dollars will be involved. I don't think you can avoid that.
2) The town did have to dedicate some budget/resources to the project, but SR is predominantly self- and crowd-funded and far from the gov't waste strawman you are making it out to be. This is not another Solyndra, even if it does fail.
3) If a gov't entity is going to supply money to a project, I'd prefer it be a local gov't where the local tax-payers whose money is being used can more directly benefit [or suffer if it was a bad investment] like this project; instead of unaccountable federal dollars funneled into projects in far away lands by political connections in Washington.

Comment How about "free of dirt, mud, leaves, and debris"? (Score 1) 163

Regular cleaning of dirt, mud, leaves, and debris from solar roads by a paid employee(s) operating gas-powered street-sweeper/-washer trucks seems like a more regular and energy-intensive maintenance requirement for these roads than melting the occasional ice and snow. [Said from the perspective of my armchair, of course].

Comment Re:Dumbass effect + solar roadway alt. uses (Score 1) 163

This is part of SR's real world testing phase. I agree with you that lab tests are not the same as real world tests, but I don't think anyone honestly considers this a "final" product ready to sell to the world. It's a prototype and will likely fail, but there's a slim chance it might work out and at the very least something will be learned that might apply to other technologies.

Comment Re: VR is the new 3D TV (Score 1) 125

Also, Samsung may very well be right to give up on mobile. The GPU is so weak...This is going to be a desktop gaming accessory by and large.

If people are willing to go back to hauling around brick-style mobile phones I'm sure they could do something about those weak mobile GPUs!

Comment Re:Battery size doesn't matter (Score 1) 292

Battery size is the old MHz (GHz) game that CPU manufacturers (mostly) used to play. It's more about system optimization and total component draw vs that battery installed.

I kind of agree, but... I'm less concerned about phone battery size/charge time out the box, as I am in the battery retaining it's charge 1, 2, or 3+ years after purchase. If it's still holding to that 12 hour battery life in 2 years, that could still be a good deal, particularly for a factory-sealed battery. Manufacturers know how to regulate a battery's charge to optimize it's lifespan, but probably don't bother because of these battery "size" comparisons. Many people (like myself) don't want to upgrade their phone every 18 months, which some manufacturers are picking up on and maybe Apple is too.

For what it's worth, I don't own any Apple products and generally dislike the company, but I might give them the benefit of the doubt here...they don't like making "disposable" products.

Comment Re:Cable TV companies = Cable internet companies (Score 1) 250

That may keep them going for a while, but we're probably little more than a decade away from fiber roll out in many areas (even my small town of around 20,000 people is seeing fiber coming soon). Cable's business model is doomed...

I agree cable is doomed, but fiber might be equally doomed as mobile data transmission technology gets better (e.g. "5G" or the generation after). It's going to be more economical for communication companies to maintain towers than underground lines everywhere, particularly in rural areas.

Comment Re:Saving Money (Score 2) 250

I will say though... other than sports being harder to watch, I'm much happier with having Netflix and Hulu...Streaming is fragmenting though.

If haven't already, you might want to check out the Playstation VUE service (works on a few other streaming units too), because it might make your fragmentation of streaming complaint go away, including sports. If VUE was associated with any brand other than Playstation there would be a lot more attention.

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