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Comment Re:Screw you (Score 1) 134

At least he had the option to view it legally at all.

I'm a fan of J-POP and K-POP. Every year or so, I do a search, they either say it doesn't exist at all or not available in my country.

At least Youtube normally allows me to listen to it, but wouldn't it be nice if I were to be legally allowed to buy^Wlicense a copy to put on my MP3 player?

Comment Trainer to be so (Score 2) 125

The slightly less than average user can't (easily) tell the difference between a valid security message and a browser popup claiming that something dire will happen unless they click on this message and run this program, so they ignore them all.
Just last night I had to tell my mother that the browser complaining about being out of date and to upgrade was probably valid.

Also in the same call, had to try and reassure her that smart meters weren't going to burst into flame and/or make her sick with the power of wireless electromagnetic radiation. ...and she still decided not to get one because of all the random people on the internet claiming they were evil. "But this guy is a M.D. from England! He's got to know all about it right?"

Comment Re:Too busy chasing Pokemon instead of Pussy. (Score 2) 643

Give it a couple of raspberries, hit it on the head a few times with a ball and I can convince a Pikachu to come home with me.
Women thus far aren't keen on being coaxed with raspberries or being hit repeatedly with balls (at least until much later in the relationship!)

Comment Re:Pr0n? (Score 1) 193

They don't want the hassle of dealing with the complaints about little jimmy shattering his fragile little mind when he gets his hands on the PIN code to access it.
Or a wife complaining that the suggested movies includes porn even though (supposedly) no one in their houses watches it.

That said, if they had a decent range with properly searchable and correctly tagged content, I'd pay for it. I'm sure that somewhere someone has made porn catering to my particular fetish.

Comment The 90s is calling. (Score 4, Informative) 122

I used to have to work like this back in 1998. Internet access was severely restricted and only 1 person per division had access and you'd have to tell them what you were looking for and they'd do the search for you.

In practice, it was faster for me to walk home, search for the information I needed and walk back than to do this or reinvent the wheel when 100 people had found the same problem and had already posted a solution.

Honestly I'm more productive with internet access, even if I'm currently at work posting this while waiting for my script to finish running.

Comment Human robots need jobs too (Score 1) 127

Why not just hire those people that graphic images don't affect?
Their lack of empathy might not let them get many jobs outside of the TSA, but they'll follow the rules precisely.

Personally, I wouldn't want to do it, but not because of the graphicness of the images, but because it's low paid and I'd find it really boring.
Probably want to set up an office image bingo card 'come on, nipple, nipple, dick pic, beheading....Yes! BINGO!!"

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