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Comment Re:Has he been invited to the white house? (Score 1) 908

How about you smack the crap out of the people who watch and support shows like Honey Booboo, The Kardashians or any other crappy show of the sort. My point is that you are now part of a minority looking for respectful content that provides a service to the world or at least entertains without diminishing our youths understand of the real world.

Comment Re: Has he been invited to the white house? (Score 1) 908

It's also that there's six corporate conglomerates who own all the major media in the US. Naturally, these organizations have similar interests

The media is the man in the middle. If you truly care about a topic, take out the man in the middle and go read or watch the actual content being reported on. The white house press conferences are usually on Youtube, the court cases are well documented and often available to the public and then there's the rest of what they report on that for the most part is also available online in raw form.

This generation and the next ones to come need to stop being so gullible. We also need to stop blaming corporations and their money for every problem in our society.

Comment Re:They just don't care (Score 1) 118

Much like breaking the law and paying a fine has become a cost of doing business, so too has getting hacked and paying a lawsuit settlement become a cost of doing business. No one goes to jail, no one cares. The legal calculus is the same.

Fact is, it's the cost of doing business but at the end of the day shifting that mentality from reactive to pro-active is in the customer's hands. A company will react quickly if customers are known run away from your brand after a security breach.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 79

Been using
$1 per POP3/IMAP and their support is very responsible. I can actually vouch for them as we have 50+ email boxes with them and we've only had 1 hours of down time in 7 years.

We are however looking at migrating towards Exchange. I really don't want to but the hosted exchange servers are far too expensive for our user count.

Comment Re: Obama Backtracks (Score 1) 217

I second this. I once considered the lefts claims and even sided with them. Now it seems they cry wolf too much.

I think you miss understand the meaning of the expression "crying wolf" or you believe the fake news and alternative facts provided by this administration.

All I'll say is that left and left-center have come out and expressed their distrust in a president that is not loved by the majority (didn't win popular vote and has the lowest approval rating after inauguration of any president in history). This is something the right wing rarely do because they don't even believe their own crap.

Comment Re:Obama Backtracks (Score 1) 217

It's easy to point out a few things he didn't accomplish or managed to finish but that doesn't speak about his capabilities as a leader or what he actually accomplished under a minority congress. If you know anything about Obama's presidency you wouldn't even have tried to post such petty non-sense.

On the flip side, you boast a leader that has shown nothing but distrust in his first 2 weeks in office. Not only does he prioritize his own interest and business but he also believes its more important to use his press secretary to announce things such as "he does not walk the white house in a bath robe", or argue a photo that shows a small crowd at his inauguration. Additionally he has selected a number of leaders who just don't give a damn about the little people.

The irony is that in the position I current occupy, I will highly benefit from Trump's actions yet I do not approve of them. Unfortunately the people have been conned and will need to find out the hard way that their vote was counter productive to their well being.

And if you so strongly believe, why not post under your actual account name instead of anonymously?

Comment Re:Trump scare maybe (Score 2, Insightful) 217

I know you're trying to do yet more painting of Trump in a bad light by spreading "fake news" and "alternative facts"

Nobody needs to paint Trump, he does that very well on his own. He literally is the greatest at it.

Heck, look at how many times he has had to backtrack on what he said previously. If you don't know, then you are just another peasant that's been conned into voting for someone who does not have your best interest at heart.

Comment Re:Let's hope they don't succeed... (Score 1) 55

That does not mean it's OK to steal them. Stop trying to rationalize your theft. If they are not available, the are not fucking available. You are not entitled to them, your girlfriend was not born with the god-given right to watch those particular TV shows.

Although I agree with you about the "entitlement" status people have given themselves, I have however changed my view on this topic in recent years.

Content makers must allow streaming services to have more flexibility. I don't see a problem with movies being dealt with the same way music is. Buy a copy for $1 or whatever a reasonable price is. That's a model I can get behind. Fact is, most people are paying upwards for $20/month for movie channels on cable. If they aren't willing to pay the PPV price to own a title then there's no winning with those people.

Comment Re:Cheap (Score 3, Interesting) 626

I was white. intel hires MOSTLY 'for diversity' and I was told flat-out that I was the 'wrong color' and intel needed more non-whites.

Your lack of maturity while speaking about a previous employer tells me one thing but the statement I quoted tells me you are lying. NOT ONE HR department would make the mistake of saying such a thing. Sounds like Trump alternative fact makeup.

Comment Re:Why not name him? (Score 1) 123

Why would we want to give any wiggle room to those who, of their own will opted to be malicious? Isn't trust earned? Why should they get a free pass after screwing up royally?

IMO going to prison is just part 1 of a 2 phase process. Re-integration is probably the hardest part because now you need to earn people's trust again.

Comment Re:Leaf off the air too (Score 1) 128

Dumb that cars that should be targeting a 15-20 year

The average car in North America is on the road about 10 years. That being said, the tech should not be incrusted into the car. They should drive that tech off smart phones which appear to remain backwards compatible for years. The worst case is that it doesn't support a newer version of the app but at least remains supported with the old app.

The car company in this case was dumb to only include a 2G modem (cost savings I guess). At the time of release of the vehicle, the tech was already on it's way out.

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