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Comment Re:$2.3m dollars... (Score 1, Funny) 116

Total load of bullshit

Somewhere, in a dark smokey room, Democrats are laughing their asses off that you keep buying their spin. Both parties are corrupt as hell, but Comcast in particular is in bed with Democrats. Your own link says this. But let's add this:

How Comcast Bought the Democratic Party
Lots of good reading

Forget the paltry $50k or $100k donated directly, let's examine the *millions* raised by Comcast for Obama and the DNC, and the "Comcast Foundataion" (sound familiar?) that channels donations to the needy as long as they support Comcast's initiatives.They are a dirty dirty dirty company (and not in a good way). A lone notable exception: Al Franken, who despite taking $15k from Comcast lobbyists still spoke out against them.

Comment Re:Culture (Score 3, Informative) 201

In Canadian provinces where the MLDA is 18, teenage drinking dropped about the same as those that implemented MLDA 21. Also the reduction occurred before the introduction of zero-tolerance legislation. And the reduction is roughly proportional to those in the United States. According to the NHTSA "The Canadian reduction in youth drinking and driving must have been caused entirely by other factors."

Cite me not the self-congratulatory statistics from MADD.

Comment Re:Curious how you reached $1200 when max is $949. (Score 3, Interesting) 180

PP says in other comments he is in Canada. According to Cantech the price is (or was):

iPhone 6 Price in Canada Without Contract and the iPhone 6s 64GB Price in Canada
“Canadian pricing for iPhone 6s Plus $1,029 (CAD) for 16GB model, $1,159 (CAD) for 64GB model and $1,289 (CAD) for 128GB model (no contract).”

The drop in the Canadian dollar to an 11-year low is surely partly responsible. And nothing against your valid point. But $1200 is not wrong either.

Comment Re:Can this be weaponized? (Score 2) 54

Apparently India and Americah [sic] think alike. According to Dr Saraswat (the head of the program) "This is dual-use technology, which when developed, will have multiple civilian applications. It can be used for launching satellites at low cost. It will also be available for long-range cruise missiles of the future."

Comment Re:Scathing (Score 1) 177

You just have to put the pieces together.

Well, his statement a few days ago said exactly that, so no rocket science there. And, he specifically called out the administration for intervention in Libya, and for leaving a power vacuum leading to the rise of ISIL. He also specifically mentions Trump, saying that he was a wildcard and no one knew what he would really do if elected, while he thought it was clear through her history what Hillary would do. Agree with it or not, it was a concise and fairly straightforward statement, no need to speculate about his motives.

Comment Re:Rhetorical... (Score 1) 247

I expect people will just want to see how bad it will be.

This might be the only thing that saves it. Can the New Zealand sailing team recover the lead after striking a floating corpse in the harbor? Did the exploding water heater ruin the chances for Olympic Gold for the plucky runner from Zimbabwe? And can Mauritania raise enough cash in time to pay the ransom for their volleyball team? It's like reality TV but better! "Survivor Rio Edition"!!

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