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Comment hahahahaha (Score 3, Funny) 37

Small cable here. We already have cord cutters coming back for video. Seems like a netflix, amazon and hulu accounts eats up you're pocket book just as much as a cable subscription does. Not to mention any premium content you may want like HBO or showtime. I hate to say I told you so, no really don't hate that.

Comment Always blaming the wrong guy (Score 1) 166

Its time for the yearly rate increases. Its the time of year when contracts need to be re-upped and content providers want more money for the same content. They don't offer one more hour than they did previously and lets face it, the shows are all about the same in the end. Content providers want more money every time and the cable companies pass it on to the consumer. But if you want to bitch about Comcast and other cable companies go ahead. What do you expect them to do? HBO has stopped offering contracts and is betting on its direct to the consumer streaming service. Pretty soon all those scrubs who ditched cable will discover they are having pay twice as much to get the same content they were getting from cable. But please don't let me stop you from blaming the wrong people for the way things are.

Comment Paranoid much (Score 1, Flamebait) 168

Ive seen this before from some of my customers and yes I've thought of it. Since its possible I guess its a step you need to take but why stop there. His phone has two cameras and they need some tape also. That pinhole in the wall may be sporting a camera also. How do you know the air conditioner vents doesn't have camera. Oh MY GoD they are watching ME!

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