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Comment Re:This is an OS (Score 2) 156

I hate defending microsoft, however the problem is most users won't install an update. even today the average user is to stupid to understand how and why they should update.

Look at ios and Mac OS . iOS achieves something like an 75% updates installed within 3 months of it being released.
andriod or windows xp/7 which gets 25% of updates installed in 6 months.

The problem with comparing Apple with any other computer company is that Apple fully controls their product line. When Apple pushes an update they know exactly what the base hardware is (since they make it themselves). When Android and Microsoft push updates they have to worry that the update may adversely affect machines made by numerous hardware manufacturers. In Android's case the manufacturer of the device may not even make an updated OS for their older devices and loading Google's base Android OS isn't something many end users can/will do.

Comment Re:Oh for goodness sake (Score 1) 303

Too be honest, I wouldn't mind going back to a CRT (except for the size and weight problems) so I could get rid of all the bad artifacting in highly compressed video. Maybe 16k video will fix this but at this point some of the digital video out there is terrible.

Not sure how leaded gasoline got mixed into a discussion on digital vs analogue. 8-)

Comment Re:Makes me wonder... (Score 1) 303

I'm temped to take that bet. I'm quite sure in 80 years there will still be vintage CD players that can play vintage CDs just like there are currently vintage record players. The supply of those vintage CD players may be limited but (just like the current vinyl trend) if there is enough demand some one may still produce new CD players as well.

Comment Re:The issue is leftist naivety. (Score 1) 460

While those in the political center and the right will question all governments and their leaders, those on the left will obey with complete obedience those who they are told to support.

I'm not so sure that those on the right "question all governments and their leaders". It sure seems that Trump followers are drinking the cool-aide on everything he says. Even the outright lies that he has made.

Comment Re:I've spent a lot of time in retail (Score 1) 159

This isn't about MSRP but OSPR (Ordinary Selling Price Representation).

I know the linked article mentions MSRP but the quote they have:

“The Bureau’s investigation concluded that these claims created the impression that prices for items offered on were lower than prevailing market prices,” Canada’s Competition Bureau said in a statement. “The Bureau determined that Amazon relied on its suppliers to provide list prices without verifying that those prices were accurate.”

only mentions “prices for items offered on were lower than prevailing market prices,”
"Prevailing market prices" are not MSRP.

Comment Re: "captured" (Score 1) 197

This assumes that eating food with baking soda will release CO2. While most of the uses of baking soda is for leavening (which does release CO2) there are other uses of baking soda that doesn't release the CO2. This ingested NaHCO3 could be converted by the body into non-CO2 molecules.

Also, once the CO2 from coal burning is converted to sodium bicarbonate it could easily be buried so that it would meet your definition of captured. This would be a waste of a perfectly good product though.

Comment Re:When will it end (Score 1) 265

I think you may have some other problems. I have used it since upgrading to 10 with no problems. I have also installed it on client machines when Windows 8 rolled out (why they removed the start button then is beyond me) and they haven't had any problems with it.

Sure this is just my experience as well but from other posts here it looks like your experience is in the minority with respect to Classic Shell performance.

Comment Re:Data Speed and Cost (Score 1) 48

In Canada the major telecom companies (telephone, cable, satellite, wireless) collude like a mafia don's wet-dream. We pay outrageous rates for data regardless of its delivery method (cable, fibre, wireless, satellite) for slow download and even slower upload transfer rates. I recently augmented my cable ISP service with wireless ISP as a connectivity backup. In general, the wireless Internet service is no worse than the cable Internet service although the same price gets me 5 GB wireless and unlimited cable. The wireless service has tiers so as I use more than 5 GB I pay about CAD15.00 more for each upstream tier. If I dumped my cable Internet service then streaming videos (CraveTV, YouTube, and education / professional training) would get expensive pretty fast. The area in which I live is urban but not sparsely populated compared to Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver . There should be plenty of wireless bandwidth available to enable the wireless carrier to decrease the cost to the consumer; the service is HSPA+ (on a good day) and most (95+%) of my Internet usage is education, professional training, and career related. I am willing to pay CAD75.00 per month for true unlimited data (wireless) and based on past usage the typical bandwidth "consumption" tends to be less than 50 GB a month. Today the 50 GB costs taxes and fees. By the way, CAD75.00 is the current 10 GB data usage price plus taxes and fees.

So where exactly do you live that you think Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are "sparsely populated"? :-)

Comment Re:Popcorn time! (Score 1) 1321

Sorry, I didn't mean meet as in gather in one place just in the sense that the US electorate gather on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November to vote (I suppose though if I amtrying to get all factual I should be more precise as well). ;-)

The only thing I was really trying to address is that the Electoral college hasn't actually finalized the election yet (I attached the link so that I didn't have to be exact). :-)

The media starts talking about the electoral results on election night since (so far) the electoral college has always followed the results of the general election.

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