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Comment Re:Finally, something to do (Score 1) 46

This reminds me of that southpark episode Where they are voting for the Turd Sandwich vs. Giant Douche. I'd love to see where this argument about which is better, Soccer or Football, goes. It seems that even more than sports, the world's greatest pastime is arguing over who's pastime is better.

Comment Re:Does Ireland wan't the money? (Score 2) 174

Ireland would like to keep Apple in Ireland even paying little to no tax, because of the amount of tax the support systems pay. If Ireland were forced by the EU to take 13 billion off Apple, then they will have to take it, but who knows what Apple's next move will be? They are moving a lot of operations from Luxemburg to Ireland, but that might all change if they have to start paying regular tax.

Comment Re:The value of "proper" games (Score 2) 77

Elite Dangerous is a 'proper' game, almost. It has it's own set of faults which may take years to iron out (it is not a polished game). However, it is amazing to play it in VR.

Other games, like fruit ninja, and others are very Arcade, and like you said seem to be mini games at best.

What VR needs is for it to be backward compatible with 3D technology, as I've played games like Dark Souls, Divinity and WoW in 3d and they are amazing. While not true VR, it gives you a use for the helmet in almost all games thus access to a huge back catalogue. It would be like the PS4 being able to play all the PS3 games. While not utilising all its features, it does kick-start the platform with a large catalogue of games already out there.

I've used the Oculus to create virtual "floating" screens, there's no reason why that floating screen can't be a 3D image.

Comment Re:Competition is heating up (Score 1) 44

I wonder at what point the cars will have to blank out the windscreens. When fog is no impediment to these things, and they are driving at normal (when normal may ultimately be a lot faster than we currently do) in 0 visibility, will passengers be able to handle it?

Also, are windows a weak-point in cars, and will removing them altogether to make a more robust vehicle be the next step?

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