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Comment Re: Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 1) 220

2. There are no controls at all.

They used non-rich people as controls.

Are you sure about that? From the summary "those who considered themselves in higher classes" where the focus group. Was the control "those who considered themselves in lower classes"? If so, it says nothing about rich and poor people, but only about people's idea of their place in society. All of the groups were self-identified. A valid control would be one in which the researchers, based on empirical data, assign individuals to specific socio-economic groups.

Submission + - BBC micro:bit specs released as open hardware (

TrixX writes: The makers of the BBC micro:bit have announced that they are releasing the full specs for the device under an open license, (Solderpad License, similar to Apache License but for hardware). This means that anyone can legally use the specs and build their own device, or fork the reference design github repo and design their derivatives.

Comment Re:Don't Worry... (Score 1) 420

I would be surprised if they cannot do exactly the same thing. The problem ITT Educational Services, Inc. currently faces is the sanctions imposed on them. A new company won't be under the same sanctions. It takes time to build up enough history to be sanctioned by DOE. Playing whack-a-mole with unethical corporate entities is a long-held tradition in the US. This is because we consistently fail to hold corporate officers accountable for their actions.

I would love to be wrong about this.

Comment Don't Worry... (Score 4, Funny) 420

Don't worry. The same people will have already started a new company, under a new name, which does exactly the same thing as the old company. Bonus points if they also have ITT Educational Services, Inc. sell all the trademarks for "ITT Technical Institutes" to the new company.

Submission + - What Every Company Gets Wrong About Developing for the Emerging World (

mirandakatz writes: It would seem obvious that, when tasked with developing a new brand for an unfamiliar demographic, researchers would actually spend time embedded in that community. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen all that often. This piece profiles two design researchers who make a point of doing exactly that, traveling to Saudi Arabia and spending hours upon hours talking to the millennial women there they were researching. The results were nothing short of fascinating. As one of the researchers profiled says, "organizations love to talk about bringing the user’s voice into the conversation, yet if it’s just to retrofit an existing growth strategy, it’s morally bankrupt, and in a connected society, a very poor strategy."

Submission + - John Cook's experiment with online science trolls

Lasrick writes: John Cook is a researcher who writes about climate change denial at SkepticalScience, and he writes here about dealing with online trolls. Not only has he turned online trolling into a source of data collection, but has also come up with a very effective way to deal with trolling. Great read: 'When I turn the spotlight around to expose the techniques of science denial, the reaction can be intense.'

Comment Re:Better vs. Perfect (Score 1) 150

So we're throwing out the "better" in search for the "perfect?" Until tokens gain the ubiquity of phones (which seems unlikely), doing away with SMS-based two-factor authentication may just force many users back to the password-only era.

Two words: Google Authenticator.

There is no excuse for using SMS for 2FA when you have TOTP with a well-documented interoperability standard in RFC 6238.

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