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Comment Oh Boo hoo (Score 1) 284

Yet, this infrastructure was built and paid for by Australian banks and merchants for the benefit of all Australians.

No, more like this infrastructure was built and paid for by Australians and merchants for the benefit of Australian banks. Fuck the banks.

And I know it's not cool to like Apple any more, but I don't really care which way the tide flows in this cesspool of ignorance. (I'm referring to the Slashdot hive-mind in case you're wondering).

I'd trust Apple w/my money more than any bank on this planet...

Comment Stupid subject line is stupid (Score 3, Interesting) 163

FBI Says Foreign Hackers Breached State Election Systems

So anyone who believes ANYTHING the FBI says, at this point in time especially, is a complete moron. Instead, let's apply the "FBI Says" headline filter to the text, and observe the results.

FBI Lackeys Breached State Election Systems. Blames Foreign Hackers

Now, that's much more believable, right? Sorry FBI, you have absolutely ZERO credibility. Anyone with more than a few functional neurons KNOWS that the likelihood of anything you say being an outright fabrication or lie approaches 100%.

Comment Start Trek or Elysium? (Score 4, Insightful) 1052

The idealist sees this kind of future as obvious: the Star Trek economy, where there's no money and people 'work' to better themselves (lol). This sounds great but does not account for human nature, namely greed and to a lesser extent, cruelty.

The pessimist (realist?) sees the future as it was depicted in the 2013 movie 'Elysium', where the ultra-rich have just about everything, are completely corrupt & nearly completely useless, and walled off from the majority of the population. Meanwhile, 99.999% of the population lives in squalor. Sound familiar?

It's possible we'll have both realities, but unfortunately we'll need to get through the 'Elysium' economy before arriving at the 'Star Trek' economy. TBH, I don't think anything resembling a Star Trek economy is possible because of human nature... As bad as this sounds, I'd put my money on 'Elysium'...

Comment Re:Verizon just poked the bear (Score 1) 104

I do the same thing w/my AT&T unlimited account; AT&T pulled a similar stunt w/their grandfathered unlimited accounts, plus they send an automated text at around 20GB/month stating that you may experience throttling at 22.5GB or so depending on network load or some-such crap. So apparently, in AT&T-speak, "unlimited" means "20GB, give or take".

Anyways, every month or two, I make sure to delete 20-40GB of music from my phone, and then re-download my "80's-90's Music" playlist from iCloud :)

Oh, and look at that, my mp3's seem to be getting a bit stale; looks like I need some fresh copies. ;)

Comment The one-trick pony tries again... (Score 1) 153

As we've seen time & time again, Intel is a one-trick pony. Granted, they do that one trick very well. But, in order to have any hope for success in any venture other than x86, they really need to spin off a separate company and allow it to run independently.

These large multi-billion $ corps are simply unable to innovate due to their corporate cultures and stifling hierarchies. All innovation happens with the small, nimble guys who, once they have a viable product, get gobbled up by the big guys.

Comment Re:Chromecast support (Score 1) 105

Amazon does not allow Chromecast or AppleTV devices to be sold on their site, so don't hold your breath. Of course, there is no official word on this policy, but go ahead and try to find either device on Amazon.

You'll just find the craptastic Fire, and a selection of off-brand Chinese stuff...

Pretty shady move, Amazon.

Comment Re:Isn't there a diminishing return? (Score 1) 93

Your servers may not be able to drive a flash array to 100,000 (or 1,000,000) IOPs, but the array itself can use a good bit of this; most of these all-flash arrays have inline global block deduplication and compression. In a scenario where you have a multi-TB database and Prod/QA/Dev/Test environments, you need a copy of the DB for each environment. With an all-flash array, you need 1 copy of the DB and then leverage snapshots w/no apparent performance hit (all those extra IOPs at work).

Real example: Where I work, we have an environment similar to that described above. On a traditional array, I needed to use ~150 15k FC spindles to meet the space (~50TB) and performance requirements. We're just now replacing that w/an all-flash array which takes all of 6U rack space and has 15TB usable space; we're seeing ~6:1 dedupe/compression across the environments...

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