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Comment "We Tracked" Who Did? Slashdot? (Score 1) 399

There is no rhyme nor reason to the headline, presumably just cut and pasted from the original article (likely on a site where the "we" made sense). The first sense after the headline is incomprehensible. Forget the fact the whole thing has nothing to do with the theme of the site. Everyday, it's a drip-drip-drip into complete irrelevance, like a slow-motion train wreck...

Comment Re:Who cares....its almost summer rerun time anywa (Score 1) 200

Netflix and Amazon series writers are all the same union as the broadcast nets. So it's more likely the new kids would look to license (more) archive material from the older networks, as the oldsters have a much deeper inventory. If recent Netflix and Amazon original shows make their way to the broadcasters more rapidly, the value of Netflix and Amazon original content to the consumer diminishes greatly.

Comment Re:Who cares....its almost summer rerun time anywa (Score 2) 200

...which would almost make sense if the shows they were going to write next week were scheduled to air this summer, but that is not the timeframe. The writers are smart: they are timing their strike to have the most impact on what the industry knows as the "up fronts," in which networks show off and promote their pending line-up of shows to advertisers. "Now, here's a show we think is going to be HUGE, about a vampire cowboy and his lesbian hacker sister, based on the indie graphic novel... we think it makes sense to charge top-dollar for the ad time..." They can't do that if the writers strike, as they will have nothing to show and/or there will be uncertainty amidst the ad-dollar-spending community over whether a TV ad buy makes as much sense as a placement in some other medium.

Comment Re:Hackers? (Score 2) 116

Sorry, Bud, nobody uses "cracker" to mean anything other than White Southern Racist or salty wafer anymore. The media and pop culture decided they liked the word "hacker" to mean bad guy who breaks into computer systems, and ran with it, and that's all she wrote. I'm truly sorry for your loss, but that's the way language lives, breathes and evolves.

>>Before you were born

Before I was born the only hacking or cracking that was done was on punch cards, but bless you, that made my day...!

Comment Re:Hackers? (Score 1) 116

>>before you say he believes "hacker" means simply "programmer", I suggest you consult his own writing on the subject

No. That's the whole point. The meaning of "hacker" has changed (meanings of words *do* that). When Raymond revised Steele's Hacker's Dictionary in 1991, "hacker" meant "computer programming enthusiast." Now it means "someone who gains unauthorized entry into a computer system." We can, like Raymond, wish we still lived in the fresh and exciting Mondo 2000 world of the mid-90s, but that -- and any amount of articles he writes mis-using words in their titles -- won't make it so.

>>He does indeed regard himself as a hacker

And I regard myself as one sexy man-beast. Rrrrrrooowwwwwrrr You see how that works...?

Comment Re:Hackers? (Score 1, Funny) 116

Eric Ass Raymond believes that "hacker" means "programmer," that the plural of "virus" is "virii" and that "Information Wants To Be Free." He has become the cringe-worthy grand-uncle at the Thanksgiving table who insists upon telling stories about when he attended Woodstock and why today's musicians all suck compared to Hendrix, whom he met once outside the Fillmore...

Comment What is the Purpose of Prison? (Score 1) 133

[1] Is it to punish Bad Guys, said punishment being a deterrent to keep all those not-quite Bad Guys from taking the plunge?

[2] Is it to protect the populace, keeping Bad Guys off the streets?

[3] Or is it to rehabilitate Bad Guys, transform them into Good Guys?

If it's [1] or [2], ditch the iPads and stack 'em up like cordwood. If it's [3], give 'em all iPads and teach 'em web design (the modern equivalent of making license plates), but don't call it 'prison,' because words mean something. It seems to me the justice system blurs all these distinctions into a muddy and costly mess.

Comment Re:Slashdot still the best 'format'. (Score 1) 130

Yeah, you do. I get an e-mail for every response, including AC. I used to get an e-mail for every time one of my posts was moderated, and considering that I routinely go from 2 to +5 to -1 and back again in a single post, that was a bit of overkill... But check your settings, there are many options here for notification.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 249

Y'know, there was a thousand thoughtful ways you could have furthered this debate, but instead, you chose to just go all anti-gun Snowflake and forfeit any credibility. Sad. Still, I'd love to see your cites and stats re "police standoffs gone wrong" in 2016.

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